From The Publisher To Our Advertisers


Hello Friends:

My feeling is this current crisis is more Superstorm Sandy than Hurricane Irene. We weren’t prepared for Sandy—and government certainly wasn't—so this time we'd rather overprepare than underprepare. At least to the extent we can.

We have a balancing act here at The Rockaway Times—we don't want people to panic but people must get information and some of that is sure to have an impact on businesses. Believe me, I know the health of your business affects the health of my business. Above all, we all need healthy customers and employees.

We can’t know what the next spike in Covid19 will mean, nor what drastic government action will be.

But I want you to know:

If you need to shut your business, please make us aware. When you reopen, we will give you a Free Ad to tell your customers you're back.

Obviously, these are very trying times for small businesses. We want to help to the extent we can. For the next month—All ads are 50% off (that’s far below cost).

If you are already running regular ads, even if they are discounted—we will charge half. (Not including classifieds or business directory ads).

For now, we will continue door-to-door delivery from Beach 149th  to Beach 84th and boardwalk buildings (so people don’t have to leave their homes to get the paper and see your ad) and we will promote our email version of the paper (more than 3,400 people subscribe now). 

We will also encourage readers to purchase gift cards from businesses now for use when this crisis passes (and it will!).  If there are other ways we might help, let me know.

Here's hoping these small gestures are helpful and normalcy returns quickly.

Best wishes to all—and please stay healthy!

Kevin Boyle