Sealf-Quarantine Rules


There’s no doubt people have been heading to the beach to get some fresh air. It also happens to be the time that seals are heading to the beach to do the same.

So we just wanted to give a few reminders.

We keep hearing the term, “social distancing.” This applies to seals, too, but 24/7! Humans have to keep at least six feet apart from one another. For seals, the general rule is for humans to stay 50 yards (150 feet) away. This is done to keep both you and the seal safe. Getting too close could stress out the animal, and you risk getting bit.

Seals hauling out on to the beach is NORMAL. It does not mean a seal is sick or needs help. DO NOT attempt to pick up a seal and put it back in the water. Seals often haul out to relax or to avoid a predator in the water.

If you believe a seal IS in distress, sick or showing visible wounds, call the N.Y. Marine Rescue Center (formerly the Riverhead Foundation) at 631-369-9829.Share photos of videos of the animal with them. Note the seal’s location, condition and any other important information with the organization, so they can determine if it is necessary to perform a rescue.

Overall, enjoy the beach, enjoy the wildlife and try to keep your distance.