Birthing A Business?


 I admire your work, and I get the feeling that you also enjoy your work. I went to your one woman show, but we didn't get to meet. I like the vibe I get from you. I can tell you're real, and you don't care what people think of you. I'm also a special education teacher, which is something I knew you were, too.

So please help, how do I get started? I have tons of time on my hands now, and I think I want to own a business, and that word "business" really scares me, like I'm going to have to take money from my friends or I'll feel crappy asking for money. Right now, I do readings for free and reiki for donation, or also free. What are my first steps? I have energy and time!

Dear Business Betty!

I love this kind of request! During this pandemic, if I didn't have my business as an anchor, it would not be a good situation. You're off to an amazing start! Just the way you talk about "what you do" feels very clear to me.

Having an online business in these times can be outstanding (depending on your mindset) and even if you plan on being mostly in person, it's a great way to build your confidence muscles to be seen as a business owner of the metaphysical kind. And you're right, some people may judge, and may talk about you and it’s crucial to have support or those judgements may get to you.

Here are several steps. I recommend doing them in order of what appeals to you. I guide folks in business from a place of what is pleasurable to you, as much as you can. It will be confronting, awkward, and sometimes will feel counterintuitive, which is why it's best to have support, so you can lean on someone else when any doubt comes up. Running a business will trigger every feeling that may have come up in adolescence. So, it's the greatest place for personal growth!

One step is to create an online "show." Give it a title, choose a time and day of the week where you will show up consistently and always err on the side of giving. Give readings, answer questions, and be generous. This show will be a place for you to get your "business sea legs." You'll practice working with visibility and meeting new people. If that freaks you out, then another "stage" you can create is a group on Facebook. And in this group, allow only people you wish to talk your talk and walk your walk. No family members or “judge-y” people. And put your show there.

Another step is to write. Write down the problems you help people solve. Then write down the problems you love helping people solve. Another step is to offer your free sessions in exchange for a testimonial or feedback, which you can use in many places.  Feedback is important for you to read and consider so you'll keep refining how you do things.

Best of luck to you!

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By Shane Kulman