Getting ‘Reacquainted’ With Matt Kiss


 Matt Kiss says it’s “Somebody Else’s Problem,” but for listeners, it’s a treat to the ears. The local musician is set to debut his next single on Friday, May 22, giving music fans a small taste of what’s to come when he releases a full EP, “Reacquainted” this summer.

Longtime Rockaway resident Matt Kiss has graced the stages of Thai Rock to Rockstock. Since his debut EP of “Black Hound Sessions” in 2012, fans have experience Kiss’ pop sound with influences of blues, funk and rock and roll. When The Rockaway Times interviewed Kiss back in 2015, he was gearing up to release a full album. However, the project was never released. “I recorded an album’s worth of music and it just felt like it didn’t translate as well as I wanted it to,” he said. Instead, it set him on a journey of musical self-discovery. “After that project in 2016, I basically had to reassess a lot of stuff and go back to the drawing board,” he said. “I found different collaborators and a producer and left what happened behind so I could move forward, and I’m really happy with how this stuff came out.”

The new material will be on an EP that Kiss plans to release this summer, and it will have a different sound from when he first began. “The new EP has more like a pop/ soul/ R&B flavor to it, but it's really more of me finding my voice,” he said. Kiss’ fans got a taste of the new music when he released the first new single, “Hurricane” back in January. The song addresses going through an internal storm and coping with things like anxiety. “It’s something that people can relate to when they’re going through something and they feel like they’re spiraling out of control, like a butterfly in a hurricane,” Kiss said. The song served as a slice of Kiss’ new sound. “I wanted to give a teaser to remind people that I’m back putting out music and this is the kind of flavor you can expect from it,” he said.

The next sample will be out on Friday and it’s a breakup jam that anyone with a frustrating ex-lover, will appreciate. “Somebody Else’s Problem is definitely the most f***” you song on the record. The rest of the EP doesn’t deal with it as much, but it was one of my favorite songs to write,” Kiss said. Finding inspiration through other breakup songs like Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River,” Kiss started writing the song after reflecting on some of his own past relationships and what resulted was a new tune written in just two nights. “I always felt there’s no better way to tell someone off than ‘you’re not my problem anymore.’ I thought that was a cool concept,” he said. With a strong message but a smooth melody, “Somebody Else’s Problem” is easily one of those songs that someone will find themselves playing on a loop, and many will relate to. The song will be available on most digital music services on Friday, May 22, including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube.

With the song wrapped up and ready to be released, Kiss is looking at what’s ahead. His new EP “Reacquainted” will let music fans get to know the full new sound of Matt Kiss. With heartfelt lyrics and melodies to groove to, Kiss says he’s excited for fans to hear more. Working with producer Malcolm Fong and collaborating with fellow musicians such as Amos Ang, much of the music was recorded in a Bay Ridge apartment. “We worked really well together,” Kiss said.

Kiss expects the EP to be released in early June, but in the age of coronavirus, anything can change, as Kiss has learned through the process. He says the EP was already supposed to be released, but when stay-at-home orders went into effect in March, most plans got pushed back. It has also pushed back production on a music video for “Somebody Else’s Problem.” However, the time on pause has given him more time to write even more new music. “I hope to come out of this pandemic with another EP’s worth of material that once things open back up, I can just jump right back into the studio with and record,” he said. The coronavirus pause has also given him the opportunity to spend time at home as a new dad to a now nine-month old son.

However, like a new baby, Kiss can no longer wait to introduce his latest music to the world. “I really just want people to hear this,” he said. He hopes to give people something to enjoy, even if it may be a while before he can get back to live performances. And he hopes that fans are ready to get “Reacquainted” with the new Matt Kiss.

“I’m excited to release it. I’m also a little bit nervous. I hope people enjoy it and receive it well. There is always a little bit of nerves behind a release, but I’m excited.” 

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Photos by Matt Lesman.

 By Katie McFadden