This Week in History


June 4

Helen Timlin-Kilgallen was born.

Victoria Barber was born.

Jessica McCormick was born.

 1896 - Henry Ford took his first car out for a test drive.

2003 - Martha Stewart was indicted on charges of insider trading.


June 5

Jen Hynes Sullivan was born.

 1752 - Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time to demonstrate that lightning was a form of electricity.

1968 - Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was shot by an assassin and died the next day.


June 6

Brian Mullen was born.

Caleb Gamez was born.

Pat Gallagher was born.

 1944 - Thousands of Allied troops invaded the beaches of Normandy, France, on D-Day.

2002 - Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home.




George Brennan was born.

Janet Deering was born.

 1775 - The United Colonies changed their name to the United States.

1929 -  Vatican City became a sovereign state.


June 8

Kirsten Romas was born.

 1968 - James Earl Ray, who assassinated Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested.

1982 - President Reagan became the first American president to address a joint session of Britain’s Parliament.


June 9

Phillis Rogoff was born.

Amanda Rochford was born.

Mary O’Loughlin Gallagher was born.

Tara Vasselman was born.

 1973 - Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes and became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.


June 10

Ryan Frontera was born.

Alex Moule was born.

 1935 -  Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by "Bill W."

1967 - The Six-Day War between Israel and Syria, Egypt, and Jordan ended.