Female Shelter Residents Relocated to Far Rock Hotels


On Tuesday, June 16, the Department of Homeless Services informed local leaders that 200 females are being moved into two Far Rockaway hotels to help prevent the spread of coronavirus among shelter residents.

According to Community Board 14, 125 of the women are being moved to the Wingate at 1021 Beach 21st Street and 75 are relocating to the Best Western at 1025 Beach 21st Street. The move is temporary, and no approximate date has been set for their return to shelters as the coronavirus issue continues in New York. DHS has been utilizing hotels to relocate its residents who are often living in dormitory-style shelters, where there is a higher risk for the spread of coronavirus. At the end of May, the male residents of the Beach 101st were moved out and relocated in a hotel in Manhattan for the same reason.

“The use of commercial hotels remains an essential part of our strategies for combatting COVID-19 and protecting the New Yorkers who we serve,” a DHS spokesperson told The Rockaway Times. “This includes our proactive use of hotels to protect some of our most vulnerable clients, such as seniors and single adults who we are relocating from larger shelters to ensure we can implement effective social distancing for those individuals who we are relocating as well as within the shelters from which they are moving.”

At this time, there are around 13,000 single residents served by DHS that are living in hotels. DHS says they have had around 1,200 positive cases among people in their system, most of which have recovered. There are fewer than 200 positive cases remaining.