Early Election Results Show Strong Frontrunners


The results are in, unofficially. Tuesday, June 23 was primary day and locally, Democrats had the opportunity to pick their candidates for several positions including District 5’s Congress member, Queens Borough President, Female District Leader for District 23 Part B, Queens County Civil Court Judge, Assembly member for District 31 and even President. As we go to press, several candidates are clear frontrunners, but with thousands of absentee ballots still to be counted, official results may not be available for at least a week.

Some voters encountered issues at some polling sites including not receiving full ballots and broken voting machines, indicating problems that need to be addressed with the Board of Elections, but it didn’t stop more than 471,000 New Yorkers and 112,000 Queens residents from turning up to the polls to vote in their local primaries.

For President, with nearly 66% of the vote, New York selected Joe Biden as their candidate, but Bernie Sanders, despite dropping out of the campaign, had nearly 20% of the vote.

In the primary race for Congress District 5, Shaniyat Chowdhury presented a challenge to longtime congressman Gregory Meeks, but early results have Meeks winning in a landslide. With 98.61 scanners reported, Meeks has 78.42% of the vote with 34,413 votes, while Chowdhury has 21.27% with 9,336 votes.

In the primary race for Queens Borough President, with 96.53% of scanners reported, local councilman Donovan Richards is the projected winner. As we go to press, he has 41,915 votes, or 37.18% of the vote.  Elizabeth Crowley is behind Richards with 31,781 votes, or 28.19% of the vote. Costa Constantinedes earned 15.23% of the vote, with Anthony Miranda trailing right behind with 14.74% of the vote.

In the primary race for Assembly District 31, with 99% of scanner reported, 24-year-old Khaleel Anderson has a strong lead with 2,888 or 38.13% of the vote. Richard David trails behind with 2,113 or 27.89% of the vote. Lisa George has 1,404, or 18.53% of the vote. Shea Uzoigwe has 7.25%, Derrick Deflorimonte has 4.25% and Tavia Blakley has 3.75%.

In the race for Female Democratic District Leader District 23 Part B, with 99% of scanners reported, Jeannette Garramone has the lead with 1,170, or 61.71% of the vote, and Torey Schnupp has 706, or 37.24% of the vote.

With coronavirus impacting this year’s election and many voters resorting to absentee or mail-in ballots instead of taking the risk of showing up at poll sites, many votes are yet to be counted. Voters had until election day, June 23, to postmark their absentee ballots, and those received up to seven days after election day will still need to be counted, so official vote counts and winners may not be available until July.

Many of these primary winners will go on to face challengers in the November 3, 2020 election.

By Katie McFadden