WrestleTalk:  WWE vs AEW Who Is Better?


 This is a question I receive on a daily basis: Which is the better company, WWE or AEW? Let's take a look at both products. Both the WWE and AEW are currently operating in Florida and both have televised shows on a national and international level.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been in operation longer than AEW with three TV shows, their own WWE Network, which produces WWE owned content, on top of having a wrestling library of different companies, which the WWE owns. The WWE also has a huge operating budget with multiple talent traveling around the world. They also have their own performance center where aspiring wrestlers can get tryouts and if they are signed, they are trained and developed for the WWE product. The WWE maintains a staff of creative writers that help develop storylines for the talent. Speaking in general, the WWE appears to be a Powerhouse Company of Sports Entertainment. But is their product better?

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has been in operation for over a year and is currently based out of Jacksonville, Fl. The company was started by Tony Khan (CEO), Matt Jackson (EVP), Nick Jackson (EVP), Cody Rhodes (EVP) and Kenny Omega (EVP), who are also the company's inaugural Talent. AEW currently has two shows. One is nationally/ internationally televised and the other is televised on YouTube. Being a relatively brand-new company, AEW right now is competing directly with the WWE for viewership. The majority of their talent roster consists of young and veteran wrestlers that have experience performing throughout the world. AEW does concentrate on having very different and interesting storylines in an attempt to offer something different to the wrestling fans.

So the question still remains: Which is better, WWE or AEW? In my opinion, AEW currently has the better product because being a brand-new company, they can learn from the mistakes of the WWE and learn not to repeat them. So far they’re running equally against the WWE with viewership on a weekly basis. One of the failures I see AEW capitalizing on is the proper use of their talent. WWE, in the past, has shown that they have failed to use their talent properly, which has cost them many missed opportunities. If AEW remains committed in promoting their talent to the best of their abilities, then we will continue to see AEW grow and maybe surpass the WWE. Time will tell....

The question of the week comes from Robert C. in Neponsit, who asked "Why isn't the WWE using Shana Blazer properly? I feel she is one of the top female stars in the WWE." This is an excellent question and the truth is the WWE has not been using Shana Blazer properly. The fact that most recently, Vincent McMahon the CEO of the WWE, has stopped her storyline from further developing is an example of the WWE consistently not properly using their talent. I enjoy seeing Shana Blazer perform. She brings something different and with her MMA background she looks like a legit fighter. If you ask me, Shana Blazer should be WWE Women's Champion, leading the company.

In next week's column, we will discuss Regional Promotions that once controlled the wrestling world and gave fans and wrestlers many options before disappearing completely. Since the pandemic has changed the landscape of professional wrestling, maybe it's time to see the rebirth of these promotions once again.

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By Eric Jayden