Sending A Different Message


Some protestors at Saturday’s march to support the NYPD, had a different message.

Throughout the march, participants were met with groups of protestors supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and messages of anti-police brutality.

The first met the group at the beginning of the march before it began. As the march continued, they were met by a group of protestors who held signs and formed a line across the boardwalk near Beach 100th Street. One woman from the group approached the crowd alone with a sign saying, “All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter,” until she slowly backed up and joined the line of fellow protestors. As the NYPD marchers approached, they walked through the line of protestors. The march was then met by another group in front of the Beach 97th Concession, many of whom were sitting on the ground as the marchers stopped in front of the concession for a few minutes to sing “God Bless America” as the concession blasted a theme song from Star Wars.

At the 100th Precinct, the march was met by a larger group of protestors. The two groups clashed in a shouting match across Rockaway Beach Boulevard as they both chanted and attempted to express their various viewpoints.

Photos by Katie McFadden.