Summer Classic Limited Edition


The 36th St. Francis Summer Classic began on Monday night, July 20, with games in the Boys and Girls High School divisions. The Men's and Women's Open leagues began the following night. The return to play was enthusiastically received by all, after more than four months without youth and adult basketball.

The Summer Classic developed special protocols to address the complications of playing sports presented by the COVID crisis. These protocols and plans were reviewed by the Pastor, the Bishop, the Diocesan Office of Risk Management, and the Coordinator of the Diocesan COVID Response Team, and former NYPD Chief of Department and Director of the Office of Emergency Management, Joseph Esposito. Among those protocols is a restriction on spectators within the schoolyard in order to maintain a controlled environment there. Important update: To prevent an environment that might spread COVID spectators outside the fence must wear masks. This is mandatory. Please don't put the  games at risk of being suspended.

The first two weeks of play will be limited to these older divisions. Grammar School divisions begin play July 31, and August 3. Due to the necessity to keep to smaller team sizes, it was not possible to accept all applications but we did our best to accept as many as we had the capacity to take. We hope to return to normal operations next year and ask that everyone be understanding in complying with the special accommodations and restrictions necessary this year. We look forward to an exciting season now that games are underway.

By Keith Goldberg