ULRICH WORKS WITH NYPD TO Alleviate Parking Issues


Another summer, more parking problems.

With warm weather and people looking to get out of the house, Rockaway has become a hotspot for traffic and the ongoing parking challenge. Drivers have resorted to parking in illegal spots such as on the south side of Shore Front Parkway, under the Rockaway Freeway, on the sidewalk of the lot on Beach 95th Street, in front of driveways and even by hiding fire hydrants with traffic cones to take up a spot by them.

Councilman Eric Ulrich recently took to social media to express he’s working with the NYPD to alleviate some of the issues. “I just spoke with NYPD Chief of Transportation Nilda Hofmann regarding the plague of illegal parking in Rockaway Beach. Additional traffic enforcement agents will be deployed to the Shore Front Parkway area starting today,” Ulrich posted on Wednesday. “Blocking fire hydrants, driveways, no standing zones and emergency access points is never acceptable. John Cori also brought up the misuse of parking placards. The residents of Rockaway Beach have been dealing with this issue all summer. Enough is enough! Please continue to report illegal parking to 311 and also follow up with my office with any complaints that go unanswered. (718) 318-6411

Ulrich assured constituents that they will start to notice a difference this weekend.

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