WrestleTalk Questions, Questions, Questions II


 In this edition of WrestleTalk, we will be answering questions I receive from fans on a weekly basis. The first question of the week comes from Mike Z. in Rockaway Beach and he asked, "What does Kayfabe mean in wrestling?" Kayfabe was the word used to protect the inner workings, matches and production of professional wrestling. Although the meaning of the word is assumed dead, it is very much alive in the industry.

The second question of the week comes from Daniel H. in Bayswater and he asked, "How much does a professional wrestler make?" A professional wrestler starting off in the independence scene can make anywhere from $30 to $50 per match. Once, he/she has established a good reputation and work resumes, they have the potential of making $50 to $150 per match. If the wrestler gets signed to a contract to a major wrestling company, then they have the potential of making $100,000 and up. Wrestlers also make additional income through merchandise sales.

The third question of the week comes from Susan A. in Belle Harbor and she asked, "Is professional wrestling regulated?" That's a good question Susan. In New York State professional wrestling is regulated by the New York State Athletic Commission and also throughout many other states. But there are states that do not regulate professional wrestling as they consider it a Performance Art and not a Combat Sport. In some states, professional wrestlers have to be licensed to perform.

The final question of the week comes from Adam C. in Breezy Point and he asked, "Is wrestling fake?" Okay, Adam, I have been asked this question numerous times and all I can tell you is that the outcome of a professional wrestling match is predetermined. What we do inside the ring is very much real. It takes years of training and dedication to perform the moves and take the falls inside a professional wrestling ring. That's all I would say about that.

I want to thank all the readers of the Rockaway Times and my family for your support. Without you guys I would not be living my dream as a professional wrestler and writer.

Keep sending those questions into This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  you can follow me on Facebook @ericjayden and on Twitter @followthebadguy Have a great week!

 By Eric Jayden

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