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As the world continues to live and get through the pandemic, professional wrestling companies are trying to find ways to deliver the wrestling experience to the fans. In the United States, the major professional wrestling companies are still not touring around the country and are only using Network Television and Social Media to deliver their product. Most recently, the WWE has created a New Concept called "The Thunderdome," which is a state-of-the-art set located in the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with video boards that are set up throughout the arena that show actual fans watching the show live from their homes like a virtual Video Conference System. WWE producer Kevin Dunn told Sports Illustrated that “the ThunderDome will resemble the NBA's virtual Fan Experience but instead of a flat board facing cameras, we'll have rows and rows and rows of fans with enhanced  chants and cheering."

Now, here is the question "Is this the future of pro wrestling?" Will virtual fans replace actual fans in seats? Is this the way we will interact with pro wrestlers? Is buying a ticket, taking a seat and having a hot dog and soda in an arena truly over? I personally hope not because nothing can replace the actual experience of watching a professional wrestling show live. I believe this is a byproduct of the pandemic and once the pandemic is under control or completely over, we will return back to having live shows. Many fans have been weighing in on this new concept and so far, their opinion has been favorable, with only the true wrestling purests not liking the ThunderDome concept. Only time will tell if WWE fans remain loyal and stay watching the product under this new concept or go watch a different wrestling show.

The question of the week comes from Marc A. in Bayswater and he asked, "I am a big Lucha Libre fan and I watch many Lucha Matches from Mexico and I wonder why Lucha Libre is not shown more often in the United States?" That's an excellent question Marc and here is the problem on why we don't see much of Lucha Libre here in the States. The American wrestling fan is used to the American form of wrestling, which is traditional rules and format. Lucha Libre in general doesn't tell a story. That's not to say that there are no good guys or bad guys in matches but the way the matches flow with the no tagging in and out and the blatant rule-breaking in front of the referee throws most American fans off. There used to be a company called Lucha Underground that aired on the El Rey Network that brought Lucha Libre to the American fans but unfortunately, they are no longer in operation. I am a Lucha Libre fan and I still watch it on various Network channels from Mexico.

On next week's column, we'll talk about: is the WWE trying to bring back the Attitude Era?

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 By Eric Jayden