The Riis Lease Is Up


Riis Park Beach Bazaar (RPBB) immediately helped revitalize Riis Park when it secured a lease to run the concessions at the park that offered little to visitors for decades. That was five years ago. Since then, the group has offered a wide variety or food vendors, beach rental equipment, live entertainment and even year round indoor dining (in pre-Covid times). Many locals have found employment with the company as well.

And now the lease is up. The five-year lease is due to expire November 1, just a couple of months from now. The lease does not have a renewal clause and NPS says the “park plans to release a competitive solicitation in early Fall 2020, to lease facilities at Riis for similar purposes.”

RPBB and its vendors have had a difficult season with pandemic restrictions while adhering to the NPS policy of zero tolerance for infractions. One vendor expressed frustration and anger on Facebook after a weekend crowd with no permit faced no gathering restrictions and left behind mountains of trash. The vendor will close for the season after September 7.

With the pandemic, uncertainty is the norm these days and so is the future of RPBB at Riis. 

As for the upcoming solicitation, NPS said, “We welcome RPBB to submit a proposal in connection with that opportunity.  We are required by law/regulation to make this a competitive opportunity.”

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