Recent Crime Stats Revealed at 100th Pct Meeting


The latest 100th Precinct Community Council meeting focused on crime stats and updates on our beaches. More than 30 people gathered for the virtual Zoom meeting held on Wednesday, August 26.

Rockaway Parks Administrator Eric Peterson was on hand to give some updates about the beaches and parks. He said that unlike the past few years, the beach season will come to an end on Labor Day, September 7. He said the beach saw a heavy increase in visitorship this year, with most weekends in July looking like July 4, and most weekdays seeing weekend crowds, but visitorship has started to taper off.

Next, 100th Precinct Executive Officer Jeremy Kivlin introduced himself. Kivlin, who has spent many years working in Queens, is relatively new to the 100th Precinct. “I’ve been in Queens for quite some time and now I’m in the 100th and I have to say I’m really happy to be here and everybody I’ve met so far, including the residents of the 100th Precinct, and the officers have been great,” he said before going into crime stats over the last 28 days. Overall, there was a slight decrease in crime by 2%, meaning there were 44 crimes in the last 28 days compared to 45 the same period last year. Most of that crime is attributed to grand larcenies, of which there were 18 incidents, followed by felony assaults, of which there were 12.

For grand larcenies, there has been an increase in thefts from vehicles. There were seven in this period compared to three last year. Among items stolen were credit cards, electronics and currency. Kivlin advised people to not leave vehicles unlocked, and to not leave items in plain view inside cars. There were seven incidents of unattended grand larcenies such as package theft, or unattended items left by people on the beach. For package thefts, Kivlin advised people to set up security cameras.

For grand larcenies from a person, Kivlin described an incident in which a cell phone was stolen from a person on the A train in Broad Channel. The train was later stopped, and the people involved were arrested. The remaining grand larceny incidents involved phone scams. Kivlin advised people not to give out personal or financial information on the phone without validating the call, or to simply hang up.

Felony assault is up by one, to 12 incidents this year. Seven are close to arrest. Five are domestic violence-related. The most notable assault was a nonfatal shooting on Friday, August 14 by Beach 84th Street. The victim was shot in the thigh. This is being investigated.

Robberies are up 100% with six incidents this period. One started as shoplifting at 70-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd and led to a robbery. An arrest was made. Another involved an armed commercial robbery at 87-18 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Other incidents include bike robberies, and one incident of a dog being stolen from Beach 110th Street on July 29. An arrest was made and the dog was returned.

Burglary rates remain the same with seven incidents this period. No arrests have been made. This included a truck burglary, three commercial burglaries and three residential. Grand larceny auto incidents have improved, with zero this period as opposed to six the same time last year. Finally, Kivlin spoke about a recent successful gun buyback program, in which 45 guns were turned in.

The next 100th Precicnt Community Council meeting will be September 30.

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