Rocks Should Land For Jetties Next Week


Dan Falt, Project Manager at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, told The Rockaway Times on Wednesday that “rock delivery” for the long-awaited groins/jetties should occur as soon as Tuesday, September 15 and that construction will begin by the end of the month, starting in the vicinity of Beach 32nd Street.

Groin construction will first take place from Beach 32nd to Beach 36th and is expected to run through February. The plan then calls for groin construction to begin on the west end at Beach 149th and Beach 145th. (The existing jetty at Beach 149th will be rebuilt). The project therefore will have bookends, in effect, on the east and west with the Beach 90s and other “erosional hot spots” being addressed “this time next year.” Once groins are installed at the hot spots, construction is then expected to go in a west to east direction.

Rock groins are placed in specific ways to work most effectively. The stones weigh between five and 10 tons and are part of a “very sturdy design.” Falt said the groins will be constructed in a way to avoid “draft,” which essentially robs the beach to the west or right side of such structures. Falt added that the infamous “death sticks,” remnants of old wooden jetties, will be completely removed as well.

The project will consist of 14 brand new groins and five completely reconstructed groins (Beach 149th, Beach 46th, Beach 43rd, Beach 40th and Beach 36th). Each groin can take two to three months to install. Weather and the piping plover nesting season are among the factors that affect scheduling. The project is expected to take approximately three years to complete.

At a Community Board meeting in 2019, Falt said once the construction phase gets underway, there will be regular public meetings to keep residents up to date on schedules, truck routes (how the stones will likely be delivered) beach closures and other information.

Stay tuned to The Rockaway Times for updates.


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