Governor Says Indoor Dining Can Resume – A Little, Later


On Wednesday, September 9, Governor Cuomo announced that indoor dining could resume in New York City beginning a full three weeks away on September 30. Cuomo added that restrictions will be in place including capping capacity at 25 %, no standing/sitting at the bar service, temperature checks at the front door, one member of each party must provide contact info for tracing if needed, tables set six feet apart and masks at all time except when seating. The restaurants must close at midnight as well.

While many praised the move with most sentiments being of the “about time” and “better than nothing” variety and some said caution was wise, one local industry person expressed frustration online: “There’s nothing to celebrate here. We cannot operate at 25%. This is lipstick on a pig and gives the powers that be the excuse to keep it this way. Indefinitely.”

The City and State have had infection rates below 1% for more than a month. Hospitalizations have dropped to the lowest level since mid-March. New York City is the only city in the state where indoor dining is still not allowed.  Last week, more than 350 restaurants joined together in a $2 billion lawsuit, suing Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, to force them into relaxing the ban on indoor dining.