This Week in History



Jen Poyant was born.

Robert Allen was born.

 1908 - Lt. Thomas Selfridge, a passenger in a plane piloted by Orville Wright, be-came the first airplane fatality when the craft crashed.

2004 - Barry Bonds became the third baseball player to hit 700 career home runs, joining Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.



Leah Shapiro was born.

Lisa DeFillipo was born.

 1851 - The first edition of The New York Daily Times, which later became The New York Times, was published.

1970 - 27-year-old rock star, Jimi Hendrix, died in London.



Kristin O’Grady-Franchock was born.

 Joan Ward George was born.

 1881 - President James Garfield died of a gunshot wound caused by a disappointed office-seeker the previous July 2.

1957 - The United States conducted its first underground nuclear test in the Nevada desert.


September 20

Melissa Taylor was born.

Jen Walls was born.

 1973 - Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in a battle of the sexes tennis match.


September 21

Virginia Dobles was born.

Lynn Iudica was born.

Alanna Hogan was born.

 1938 - A hurricane struck New York and New England with extensive damage and more than 600 deaths.

1996 - John F. Kennedy, Jr., married Carolyn Bessette.


September 22

Craig Carey was born

Anna Murphy was born.

 1776 - Nathan Hale was hanged by the British as a spy during the Revolutionary War.

1862 - President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, proposing to free all slaves of rebel states as of Jan. 1, 1863.


September 23

Al Bags was born.

Kathy Moriarty-Courtney was born.


1806 - After a three-year journey to the Pacific Northwest, the Lewis and Clark expedition returned to St. Louis.