146 Got Talent


 On Saturday, September 26, Beach 146th Street held a spectacular event “146 Got Talent.” The show was produced by Gloria Gabriel, a music industry veteran and former Vice President of A&R at Atlantic Records.

Within one week of rehearsals (including one dress rehearsal), the children learned how to use a microphone, work together, support one another, improve their performance and engage the audience. The day of the event, we had three judges who gave feedback after each performance and the spectators all got ballots to vote on who the Grand Prize winner would be.

One mom whose son and daughter were in the talent show said, “What a beautiful week the kids have had. Something to look forward to every single day after a confusing school day. It’s more than a talent show, you worked with each of them… and look what happened with my Louis today. A shy little boy up there singing with total confidence! Thank you, thank you.”

During this trying time of the pandemic, I believe that initiating the “146 Got Talent” show, was a way to take lemons and make lemonade. There are so many silver linings within this pandemic cloud we are currently under. We find ourselves doing things we might never do to help create great memories for all of us and especially for the children. As one grandmother said, “This was one of the best afternoons I’ve had in a long time.”

I asked a few of the children to share their thoughts about performing in the show:

“I’m not nervous on stage because I pretend no one is there. I love country music, the country song I’m doing (Margarita) reminds me of the beach,” said one child.  “I get to show my talent and have fun with my friends. YES, let’s do another talent show,” another said.  “I get to sing my favorite song (Never Gonna Give You Up) I’m not nervous because I know everyone,” another child claimed.

All of the kids received a medal and a certificate for their performance, as well as a gift certificate for one ice cream cone from Mr. Softee. There was one grand prize trophy that was won by Emma Minson who sang a “A Million Dreams.”

Thank you, Gloria Gabriel for creating this wonderful event and working each day with all of the children giving them something to look forward to. When asked for a quote for this article Gloria said, “Working with young minds and honing in on their raw talent continues to surprise me. A beautiful experience, a vision of possibilities for creative expression in our future generations.”

Gloria Gabriel’s credits include Grammy nominations and various awards for creative works. She worked with various artists such as Jewel, Barbra Streisand, Sean Paul, Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, matchbox20 and more.

 By Kathy Lord Nicolosi

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