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  Results from the AEW Dynamite Show on October 28, 2020 from the Daily Palace in Jacksonville, Florida

Hangman Page defeated Wardlow.

Eddie Kingston defeated Matt Sydal.

Cody defeated Orange Cassidy.

Sarina Deeb defeated Layla Hirsch.

Shawn Spears defeated VSK.

Kenny Omega defeated Penta El Zero M.

The Match of the Night was Eddie Kingston vs. Matt Sydal. This was the typical Good vs Bad but with a very good story told by both men inside the ring. Eddie Kingston portrays a great bad guy and never fails to entertain. This was a good solid match to watch.

Now, we have spoken a lot about what it takes to become a professional wrestler but in this week’s column, we will talk about how much a professional wrestler makes for a salary. A young wrestler starting off in the Independent Wrestling Scene (which are smaller promotions located throughout the United States) can make anywhere from $20 to $30 per match, and sometimes earning a little more if he or she helps out with the show. I know of areas where wrestlers starting off making $10 to $15 per match. As the wrestler starts to gain more popularity, they can make anywhere from $30 to $50 per match. If the wrestler has merchandise such as t-shirts and photographs, this is a secondary source of revenue. Once the wrestler has established himself and has started touring in other states, they can earn $100 to $150 per match plus travel and lodging expenses if they are negotiated in advance. If the wrestler gains an opportunity to work for a major promotion, under contract they can make anywhere from $80,000 to $120,000 per year with additional revenue streams coming from merchandise sales and special appearances. In order to continue to increase their salary, "tenure" plays an important part in a wrestler’s career and as he or she continues to grow in popularity, the wrestler can re-negotiate their contract for a higher salary and concessions. You have some popular wrestlers who at the end of their contract, leave to other major wrestling promotions for more money. In closing, there are three factors that play into a wrestler having financial success tenure, popularity and proper investment of their money.

The question of the week comes from Ronald P. in Belle Harbor and he asked, "Why is Jim Cornette so hard on the AEW brand? I like AEW and find them very entertaining." Excellent question, Ronald, and you have to understand where a man like Jim Cornette comes from. He comes from a time when "Kayfabe" was alive and well, and protecting the business was the number one priority. During his time, wrestlers were not as acrobatic as wrestlers of today. Wrestling was simple and the focus was mainly on telling a story between good vs. bad and wrestlers never revealed the secrets of the business. Jim Cornette is very into the old style of wrestling, which is not to say he does not understand the newer styles of wrestling, but he is a wrestling purist who is not afraid to state his opinion on the current wrestling product.

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By Eric Jayden