Local 2020 Election Results


 The votes are in! Well, mostly. With absentee ballots still to be counted in New York, official results are still up in the air for local races, but several candidates have taken early leads and are projected to win their seats. Here are the local results as of Wednesday, November 4.

In the race for Queens Borough President, with a large lead, current Councilman Donovan Richards is the likely winner. The Associated Press and other media outlets have projected Richards as the winner. As we go to press, according to the New York City Board of Elections, with nearly 96% of scanners reported, Democrat Richards has 67.24% of the vote to Republican challenger Joann Ariola’s 30.59%. Richards has 380,449 votes and Ariola has 173,056. Dao Yin of the “Red Dragon” party has 11,696 and there are 565 write in candidates. On Election Night, Richards shared the news of his projected win from local news outlet, Spectrum News, saying “Yes we can.” He also shared the news about one special vote. Richards’ father, who recently became a U.S. Citizen, was able to vote for the first time this year. He proudly cast his ballot for his son. (After we went to press, we learned that Ariola conceded the race to Richards on Wednesday.)

On the ballot for Congress in District 5, Congressman Gregory Meeks ran unopposed and write-in candidates were barely a blip. With more than 97% of precincts reported, Meeks has 99.29% of the vote with 159,032 votes. Less than 1%, or 1,135 votes were for write-ins. Also running unopposed for State Senate in District 10, James Sanders Jr. earned 99.69% of the vote, or 76,302 votes, with only 241 write-in choices in his race.

The State Senate race for District 15 offered more of a choice, but current Senator Joe Addabbo Jr. holds the lead over Republican challenger Tom Sullivan. As we go to press, Addabbo has 53.68% of the vote with 49,382 votes and Sullivan has 46.24% with 42,536 votes. On Wednesday morning, Addabbo took to social media to say, “Thank you. I want to thank my supporters for giving me the privilege and honor of serving all the residents throughout my district. My team and I look forward to working with you as we navigate through the COVID pandemic and address any issue that confronts us. Thanks again.”

In the race for Assembly in District 31, Khaleel Anderson’s win is clear. With 88.63% or 28,048 votes, Anderson takes the win over Republican challenger Joseph Cullina, who had 11.27% of the vote, or 3,567 votes. At 24 years old, Anderson will be the youngest currently serving New York State Assemblyman and the youngest African American to ever be elected to the position. Even Anderson was humbled by the news as reality set in on Wednesday. He took to social media saying, “I’m literally 24 years old and a state legislator…Wow. The youngest Black person in New York state history!” On election night, Anderson said, “To the communities of Assembly District 31: I am HONORED to be your next Assemblymember! THANK YOU for your continued support of our New Fight Together. I am ready to bring my spirit of activism, advocacy, and leadership to Albany!”

In the race for Assembly in District 23, with 99% of scanners reported, Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato looks likely to keep her seat with 58.25% of the vote or 22,727 votes. Republican challenger Peter Hatzipetros took 41.65% of the vote or 16,251 votes. As we go to press, neither candidate has released a statement regarding the results.

In the race for Justice of the Supreme Court 11th Judicial District, mostly Democrat judges swept the competition. With the option to select nine candidates for a seat, Tracy A. Catapano-Fox, who ran on the Democrat, Republican and Conservative tickets, took 12.20% of the vote with 443,405 votes. Evelyn L. Braun, also on all three tickets, won 11.33% of the vote or 411,786 votes. Kevin J. Kerrigan, also on all three tickets, won 10.95% of the vote or 397,915 votes. Leonard Livote, also on all three tickets, won 10.72% of the vote or 389,565 votes. Democrat Michelle A. Johnson won 8.71% of the vote or 316,647 votes. Democrat Karina Alomar won 7.86% of the vote or 285,633 votes. Democrat Mojgan Cohanim Lancman won with 7.62% of the vote, or 276,826 votes. Democrat Lance P. Evans won with 7.38% of the vote, or 268,270 votes. Republican Joseph Kasper, who had served as a District Leader for Assembly District 31 in Rockaway, and Republican John C. Spataro, who resides in Broad Channel, were both knocked out of the race, trailing behind with 3.65% of the vote and 3.47% of the vote respectively.

Note that these numbers will change, but the projected winners will likely remain the same. Across New York City, there are more than 1.1 million absentee ballots that are yet to be counted. As we go to press, the borough/ district breakdown of this number is unclear. These votes will not start to be counted until Monday, November 9, so official count results will have to wait.

Congratulations to all candidates and all projected winners!

By Katie McFadden