Wrestle Talk Behind The Scenes - Show Date



 Results for the WWE SmackDown Show on November 6, 2020 from the WWE Thunderdome in Orlando, Florida:

Sasha Banks defeated Bayley.

King Corbin defeated Rey Mysterio.

Ruby Riott defeated Natalya & Zelina Vega.

Seth Rollins defeated Otis.

Jey Uso defeated Kevin Owens.

The Match of the Night was Sasha Banks versus Bayley. These two competitors have a long history of fighting each other and they both never fail to pull out an excellent match. There was great back and forth action, which translated to good storytelling. I'm looking forward to seeing them face off against each other down the line.

Today, I figured I would take the time to answer (in depth) a question that I get frequently. Majority of the readers have asked "How is it behind the scenes during a show as a wrestler?" Ok, let's break it down. As a performer, I would get a time that I would need to arrive at the venue, which is the "Call Time," which is usually two to three hours before the start of the show. Once I arrive at the venue, I seek out the Promoter or Booker to officially check in with them and from there I go to the designated locker room. I drop off my wrestling gear and meet up with the rest of the performers. Now, unless I was aware in advance who my opponent was going to be, I would wait for the Booker to post up "The Call Sheet," which is a list of the wrestling matches for the show in order. The call sheet also indicates when your match starts, how long the match would last and in many circumstances, who is "The Agent" of the match. An Agent is a person who breaks down the type of match the promoter or booker wants you to perform.

Once I find out what time my match starts, who is my opponent and how the match will be performed I go back into the locker room and start doing warm up exercises/stretches in order to loosen my body and avoid any potential injuries. Afterwards, I meet up with my opponent to discuss what moves/holds we are going to perform and how we are going to end the match which is called "The Finish." From there, I continue doing exercises and start getting ready for the match. I start putting on my wrestling gear, put oil on my body, wet my hair and I head down to the entrance of the show which is called "The Gorilla Position." There, I get last-minute instructions on the match, speak to my opponent one last time and I start getting myself into character. Once, my entrance theme starts playing I come out and perform the match. After the match, I meet up with my opponent to thank them for performing the match with me. I then seek out the Booker to get a critique of the match. Once the show ends, I say goodbye to all the wrestling talent and production staff by shaking their hands which is a sign of respect in the wrestling business.

Wrestling shows can be pretty exciting full of action and drama, but a lot of work goes on behind the scene in order to make sure you, the fans, have a memorable experience.

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By Eric Jayden