Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Disney’s “Space Mountain” uses fans to blow air on you while you ride, creating the illusion that you’re going faster than you really are.


  • “Captain America” No. 1, with its iconic cover of the hero punching Hitler, was released a full year before the United States entered World War II.


  • Gamophobia is the fear of relationships, marriage, or commitment.


  • “Familiar strangers” is a term used by social psychologists to describe someone you see regularly, but with whom you do not interact.


  • HBO debuted 48 years ago on November 8, 1972.


  • When Tim Staffell, the chief model maker for “Thomas the Tank Engine,” left his band Smile in 1970, he was replaced by Freddie Mercury. Smile then became Queen.


  • English is the “universal language of the skies.” Pilots must learn and use English regardless of their country of origin.


  • “Orthosomnia” is a condition in which someone becomes so obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep they actually lose sleep over it.


            Facts from Sean McVeigh, factologist.