Student Success


Far Rockaway residents Sanaa Salah and Shareef Evans Jr. mixed art and science and came up Grand Prize Winners of Scholastic’s “Power of Green 2019 Student Contest,” co-sponsored by Con Edison. Both are students at Success Academy Far Rockaway, and together they earned a total of $3,000 in prize money: $500 each for themselves, $500 for their teachers, plus $1,000 worth of books for their school. 

Asked to illustrate and write about “What do you and your family do to keep your home safe from energy risks?” Sanaa and Shareef each created an original work of art on a 8½» x 11» sheet of paper and wrote short essays of up to 200 words. The contest took place in November and December of last year, but the announcement of the winners was delayed due to Covid-19. Unfortunately, the winning artwork is also inaccessible due to the pandemic.

Students learned about energy risks such as gas leaks, fallen power lines, charging electronics near running water, warm power circuits, among other energy safety risks. Contestants came from public and private schools from across the New York City Metro area in grades K-5. Sanaa is now a third grader, and Shareef is in second grade.

All Success Academy students take inquiry-based science with a dedicated science teacher five days a week, beginning in kindergarten. Even during remote learning, students learn to investigate and analyze real-world problems critically and systematically, grounded in a strong base of evidence. By the time they reach high school, students are offered pre-medicine, chemistry and engineering classes.