I have written many columns about why I think Rockaway is the best community ever. I feel we need this column more than ever as we see so much turmoil in our city and especially our town.

I am trying to stay positive in the pandemic and focus on the good in our community and hope that it outshines the negative. This past weekend two very important events happened for our local graduates.

One thing was something I hope becomes a tradition each year and it was a 100% Rockaway event. For those of you who do not know, one local Catholic school has a fabulous tradition that the eighth graders walk through the building on their last day and the students line the hallways and cheer for them and give high fives. Each year I see the video I

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday. I was sitting here in all this craziness of the world and was thinking about the fathers who have had such an influence on my life and how lucky I am to have had them as examples of how to live life.

My grandfather, William (Bill) Walsh. What a great “Pop.” He was so generous and would do anything for his family. We were the luckiest kids when we were invited to Snug Harbor for dinner with him and my Nan. During high school while attending St. Ann’s Academy

I have tried to be pretty positive during this pandemic and try to keep you laughing. This week is my rant column. I cannot believe that this situation has created an even bigger divide than the Trump people vs. Trump haters. I have unfriended and “unfollowed” a record amount of people since the end of March. I have also begun to dislike a large amount of people.

Here are some reasons why I am currently hating a large amount of people: (Yes, I know hate is a strong word).  1). The people who

So, last week I wrote about how I was swamped and Kevin Boyle told me I was the first person to tell him about being swamped in quarantine. Well Kevin, many people texted me and or commented on my column last week about being swamped. Here are some ways we are swamped:

Online Learning: Many people think schools are closed. School buildings are closed but schools are up and running. I did not have Google Classroom until the week of March 16. I have been swamped trying to learn this as well as

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned in my column, I am a proud board member of WISH of Rockaway. The day my friends asked me to serve on the board, I was so proud. We work so hard to make a small difference in our community. In the beginning of this awful pandemic, my friend Loretta Courtney was on our Telegram group chat with all different ideas about how we can spread some sunshine. Just as I was writing this column, I was reminded how our members have done such kind things the last few

Since the pandemic started, the birthday parade has been a big hit for many people. I went to my first one on April 2 for my friend Tara Karalis’ birthday and it was so much fun. My friend, Lynn Duffy and her family, have truly gotten into the birthday parade spirit. Each time there is a birthday, Lynn sends out a text and organizes a meeting spot. The Duffy family then dresses up in different costumes for each birthday. My husband, who just had a birthday on April 16, was also treated to a

Well I guess great minds think alike. I wrote my silver linings column last week but missed my deadline. I am kind of “swamped.” When I told Kevin that I was swamped he responded, “First person I’ve heard who’s swamped.” That’s another column. I am super busy during the pandemic quarantine and I will journal this week, and next week tell you what I am doing.

Silver Linings:

Celebrity houses: I am loving seeing all of the celebrities and news correspondents at home. I also like to see who can

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