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So, news reports in the past few weeks reveal that more than fifty people have been arrested for their involvement in a cheating scandal.  Of course, it probably became more of a news story due to two celebrities, Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, being two of the people charged. As with most news stories these days, everyone had to go to social media and post their opinion. Even I did…for a few minutes. I deleted my post because I got insulted by commenters asking me: How could I be shocked at this scandal?

Of course, as a high school teacher for over twenty years, I understand that the college admissions process is not always fair. I taught a young man who had a 65 average and went to an elite academic college to play football. He eventually went on to play in the NFL and win a Super Bowl. What Lori Loughlin and other parents allegedly did was Photoshop their children’s faces onto athletes’ bodies and create fake athletic profiles for them. As of last week, according to The New York Times, multiple low profile sports coaches were fired for taking bribes and giving names to their admissions department for athletes….who were not athletes. I was shocked at that. Please do not say I should not be shocked about a Yale soccer coach who solicited $450,000 to save a spot on his soccer team for someone’s  daughter. Again, I know athletes who got in because they had talent not because the coaches were bribed. And some never even played the sport in their life…EVER.       

Another thing that “shocked” me was the unethical people who were proctoring exams. They were keeping the exams after the exam had ended and the children had left the room, and then were changing the answers for a meager $15,000 to $75,000. I also thought that after the Great Neck cheating scandal a few years ago that students had to show identification to be admitted into the exam, so I thought people taking the exam for other people had ended…I was wrong.

What I do know is, I realized this week that even adults can be mean on social media. When I commented (I usually stay away from this type of engagement, but this is my occupation), it was implied I “live under a rock” by more than one person. I even tried to explain that I knew some improprieties went on, but explained about what I wrote above and was still insulted…One person apologized because he did not read the post clearly enough, another person did not see the “live under a rock” post as an insult. FYI: all of the research for the term, “living under a rock” is negative. One definition even says the person is ignorant. Something I truly try not to be, and I do not usually comment on stories I am not educated about.

The SAT and ACT proctoring system needs to be overhauled. I believe children should only take it at their school building with teachers who could identify them…but would some teachers then want to assist their students? I do not know the answer. What I do know is the system is broken and something needs to be done.

Have a great week everyone.

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