Oh, Social Media

Slice Of Life

Thank goodness for social media or I would have a difficult time coming up with topics to write about each week. I will be sitting at my laptop texting people for ideas and then someone will either post something outrageous or ridiculous and then the 500 words flow easily. My new interest, (I wrote a little bit about it last week), is how angry many people are when posting or replying to people’s comments.

A civic minded Broad Channel resident kindly asked people to slow down when traveling through their small town and I could not believe the negative comments people posted in response to his simple request. The posts were mean and some became even racist. As I tried to read the thread, it was obvious that some posts were actually deleted due to their vitriol. The man was simply asking people to not break the traffic laws that are out in place to keep people safe. Within the last few months, two adolescents were hit by cars not following traffic laws. If you do not like what the person is posting, simply move along. And the majority of these negative/angry posters do not have real names or authentic pictures of themselves. They have a picture of a rainbow or a dog. If you want to be a cyber bully, do not hide behind the computer screen.

A new pet peeve is the person who posts on a local page or post and has a lot to say about the issue and the person does not even live in Rockaway! I started to notice this in regards to the many posts about the closing of St. Camillus. People who used to live in Rockaway and moved out of the community asking why this was not done and that was not done? I am sorry you moved out of the community. You did not support the parish. Do not come in and ask why can’t people do certain things. Many of the people who are guilty of this are people who moved to Nassau County. And let’s be honest, many of these people moved to Nassau for their allegedly better schools and would rather pay the taxes than the tuition, and if students do not attend a school, it cannot sustain the operating costs. That is their choice and they are entitled to that, but not to comment or complain about issues in Rockaway when you do not live here. I would not comment on a page I was not affiliated with in some way.

I keep hearing many of my friends are quitting Facebook. I totally understand why.

Have a good week everyone. Do me a favor and post one positive thing this week!

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