It’s Not That Hard

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I am lucky enough that I travel a bit and fly multiple times every year. Every time I fly, I think I am on line with people who have never flown and have had to go through the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) scanning procedures. EVERY TIME. I think the agents that work there are similar to teachers in that they have to repeat themselves all day long. And sometimes I wonder why they even bother describing their procedures and rules about going through the scanners because people just do what they want.

Now I know there are some things that may be confusing, but if you carefully listen to the agents (and even ask questions if you are unsure), you will get through smoothly. I have been on line with people who clearly do what they want. Recently the agent said multiple times, “Take off all jackets and sweatshirts and place them in the bin.” The woman next to me did not and then wanted her place back in line after she had to go back and place her coat in the bin after having been directed by the agent personally that the coat had to come off.

I understand some people may not fly as much as others and it may be confusing, but as I have said in this column before, there is the internet where you can find out many things about getting through the TSA scanning easily. On the TSA’s page there are over 100 Frequently Asked Questions that answer a myriad of questions. There is even a number you can call if your question is not addressed in the 100+ FAQs.

The TSA has also been in existence since November 2001, shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So this is not a new thing. There have been major changes over the years: *2005 started the no shoes rule. Why do people still try to get through with their shoes on?

*2006 the liquids ban was established. Why do people still try to get items over 3.5 ounces through the scanning? *July 2017 was the new electronics ban and people still do not understand about placing laptops and tablets in a separate bin.

A friend of mine has an idea: if you get through TSA scanning without incident, you get a sticker or some sort of badge that says you know how to follow directions. You can then go on a different line each time you fly. If you mess up, you have to go to gen. pop. with the rest of the people who do not know how to follow directions.

Some say I should get TSA Pre-Check but I guess I have been lazy and have not gone through the process. After this last experience I may go through the process of applying and attending an enrollment center and getting fingerprinted. After all, it only comes out to $17 per year and that seems well worth it.

Have a great week everyone!

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