Christmas Blessings


 Loss has come too close to home. While most assume it must be a loss due to COVID, this is not the case for a local family as they spent their first holidays mourning their young mother, who died giving birth in October. Miraculously, the baby girl Melanie Carolina survived. Losing a beloved parent as an adult is an indescribable emptiness that you can never fill. Imagine in a child’s eyes, who has never felt loss, yet now has to experience their first sense of security and love vanish. Their mom went to have a baby and she never came home.

Then appears a small Christmas miracle. A parishioner from Saint Francis de Sales. His simple request…to help a local family in need. And with all his great connections, a call was made to the great St. Nick. Yes, Santa agreed to make a special, in person appearance, on Christmas morning. He filled their world with the merriest of Christmas cheer. The local community also pitched in, adding wrapped gifts and a delicious Christmas dinner. 

The manager from East Meets West rallied the local restaurants on Beach 129th and without question, they all gladly pitched in, continuing to feed the family. La Sorrentina, Pico’s and Jameson’s made sure the family didn’t have to worry about food for a while, despite the tough times the restauranteurs are all facing themselves.

Tears of joy could be the only way to explain how fulfilling it was to witness the tremendous outpouring of support that flooded this family on this first holiday without their beautiful mother. I believe she is smiling down grateful for the abundance of love surrounding her family, which is exactly as she would’ve wanted it. To all the silent angels in this community, we are eternally grateful, especially during this trying time.

Encountering a blessing, especially when things might seem the most helpless and hopeless, and even for a moment, you can unknowingly ease someone’s suffering, it is then when you realize every day is a gift.

God Bless and Thank You.