Covid-19 Tracker  12/21-12/29


As parts of Rockaway have seen increases in Covid-19 cases, it’s important to keep track of how the neighborhood is doing with coronavirus. Robby Schwach of Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office has been hard at work, tracking down the details for each Rockaway zip code. We are sharing this info each week.

Schwach wanted to stress that numbers are up significantly on the peninsula. Since Thanksgiving, there are over 1,200 new cases in Rockaway and deaths are increasing.

 The latest info represents changes between 12/21/2020-12/29/2020.

In 11691, positive cases increased by 334 from 3,714 to 4,048. There have been four new deaths, leaving the total at 382.

In 11692, cases went up by 54, from 874 to 928. There was one new death and the total remains at 94.

In 11693, cases rose by 28 from 501 to 529. There was one new death, bringing the total remains to 29.

In 11694, there was an increase in cases by 106, from 1147 to 1253. The death number was audited and reduced to 87 from 89.

In 11697, cases rose by 43, from 303 to 346. There were no new deaths in this period and the total is at six.

The seven-day rolling average of positive tests by zip code: As of December 26, 11691 is 12.53%, 11692 is 6.45%, 11693 is 64.69%, 11694 is 7.86%, 11697 is 10.29%

Please remember to wear a mask, particularly indoors and where social distancing is not possible.