Welcome to The Almeda Club


 The Almeda Club, located on 69-62 Almeda Avenue, “is what happens when two Rockaway natives create and curate a space to expand upon their pastime interests.” However, The Club is even more than that. It’s a surf club, a barbershop, a retail space and a conduit of ceaseless generosity used to give back to the community (and beyond). More on that shortly.

Upon entering, you instantly feel at home. It is a guarantee that you will be warmly welcomed by Graham Hill and Joe Falcone, the owners of The Almeda Club. In addition, the space is exceptionally comfortable with their custom hand-carved pieces of furniture that could be in an art museum. You will find yourself observing the architecture of the space from front to back, top to bottom. Each detail was meticulously crafted by hand “to create a comfortable environment for residents and visitors of Rockaway Beach alike,” the owners say.

The awe doesn’t end within the confines of these four walls, which was transformed from the home of a former deli. There is also a courtyard in the rear where one will find a serene sauna, which was custom built by Hill and Falcone. If you are lucky enough, you may also find Blaine just outside of the yard. Blaine Campbell is the owner and head chef of CC Jerkbox. On any given day you may find him preparing some of the best jerk cuisine in the tri-state area. “He is a part of the team,” Hill says. “We met Blaine during the renovation. He came over with his tools and offered to help us build out the Club. Months went by as we worked shoulder to shoulder every day to get ready for our opening. We were so thankful for his guidance and help and we were looking for the best way to say thank you. We reached out to our good friend, Whitney, of Whit’s End, and asked him if he was using his trailer. We explained that Blaine lent us a hand and we wanted to help him launch his business in the courtyard. Whitney, to no surprise, gave Blaine the trailer.”

That desire to help others is paid forward at The Almeda Club. “Giving back and helping others is not as important as it is fundamental for us. We strongly believe that the times we are in calls for businesses to track their footprint on the community as carefully as they track their streams of revenue,” the owners said.

Since opening last year, Hill and Falcone have made this apparent, not only through their words, but through their actions. Outside of the storefront, The Almeda Club hosts one of the many community refrigerators in and around New York City which provides free food and drink to whoever, whenever. This fridge is made possible with help from Rockaway Mutual Aid. “When we first heard about the project, we were excited to be involved. The community refrigerator is the ideal first impression of our Club for a newcomer. We feel that out of all of our services, hosting the refrigerator best represents our intentions as a business.” The two have also been known to organize and host meal distribution events as well, helping to provide hot meals to those in need.

Along with helping others, The Almeda Club is a hub for useful services. As part surf shop, they offer storage space for your surfing equipment, they provide lockers for multiple boards and room to hang wetsuits. Outdoor showers are also available. The homemade sauna is even available for their members to warm up and sweat it out before or after a surf session. All for a monthly fee. Looking for a fresh cut? The Almeda Club doubles as a barbershop, offering haircuts by appointment, in authentic barbershop chairs.

In addition to the services they provide, the Club also offers their own line of quality goods, from surfboards to clothing. If you are looking to update your wardrobe, be sure to pick up a Champion Reverse Weave Almeda Hoodie or their 100% cotton custom T-shirts. These pieces are one of a kind. 

The Almeda Club is open Wednesdays through Saturdays, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. You can either visit the space in person or shop online at www.TheAlmedaClub.com. For more info and appointments, call 347-619-9009.

Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram @thealmedaclub to stay up to date!

 By Daniel Lynch