Neponsit Home Set For Wrecking Ball


As The Rockaway Times was going to press we learned City Councilman Eric Ulrich posted this notice online:  “I received the following information from the Mayor’s Office regarding the former Neponsit Nursing Home located at 149-25 Rockaway Beach Blvd.: As you may know healthcare services ceased at this location in 1997, and it is costly for NYC Health and Hospitals to maintain. The Department of Buildings has deemed the structure unsafe, and NYC Office of Management and Budget has funded the demolition in the January Plan for $5M and H+H would like to start construction next fiscal year after completing design.

NYC Parks is prepared to take on management of the Neponsit site after demolition. A public hearing and board approval will be required.”

Recent storms have taken their toll as well on the long-neglected structure.  Parts of the roof have ripped free and a passageway between buildings has collapsed.

Photo by Daniel Lynch.