A Peek At the New P.S. 47Q


 On Tuesday, March 2, Broad Channel got a glimpse of what’s to come for the new P.S. 47Q, and many approved of the latest design.

A few Broad Channel residents joined with Broad Channel Civic Association President Dan Mundy, the School Construction Authority’s (SCA) Community Assistant for Queens, Danielle Schaaff, Purcell Everett architect, Ray Everett and others in a virtual meeting to see the latest design for Broad Channel’s elementary/ middle school and hear more details about the construction timeline.

Students of P.S./M.S. 47Q, who aren’t currently learning remotely, have been attending school at the site of the old Stella Maris/ Martin de Porres school in Rockaway at 140 Beach 112th Street as they await the much anticipated rebuild of their new school building at 9 Power Road in Broad Channel.

On Tuesday, the updated design for the new building was unveiled with a new stone façade, making the building look more welcoming. Everett also showed slides of the layout of the interior. The first floor, decorated with warm colors, will include the lobby, administration office, the medical office, cafeteria and classroom space for 3K- to Kindergarten students. The second floor, with a blue theme, would include more classrooms for upper grades and a media room or library with window views of Jamaica Bay. The third floor, with a green design, is where the gymnasium will be. The building will be fully ADA compliant, will have a play yard and a standby generator outside that will be able to power most of the first floor if needed.

Mundy was pleased. “The addition of the stone to me is really a great idea. It gives it a warmer texture. Overall, the whole design is very impressive,” he said. He brought up some questions about the views, expressing concerns that it might be hard to see the bay and other scenery. Schaaff explained that the views were planned with the neighborhood in mind, as homes will be close to the building.

Keeping neighbors in the loop with the project is a priority for the SCA. Schaaff explained that they have mailed out information to some and would be in Broad Channel the following day with a project manager to hand deliver letters to neighbors around 8th, 9th and 10th roads. The letters include information about anticipated construction and contact info for Schaaff if they have questions.

Schaaf said that things will be moving forward quickly. “We are going to hit the ground running and you will see some activity within the next few weeks,” she said. A construction fence to secure the perimeter of the area will go up in the beginning of April. Demolition of the old school will begin shortly after and is expected to be complete sometime in August. Construction of the new building will begin immediately after and it is anticipated the new building will be finished by August 2023.

Mundy was impressed with the timeline. Schaaff expressed that they are eager to get started. “We are as excited to start this project as I hope the community is to receive it. We’re very proud of this design. We did a lot of changes to make sure it’s a right fit for your community,” she said.

By Katie McFadden


Those with questions or concerns can contact Schaaff at 718-472-8114 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..