Winner of Poseidon’s $500 Cash Prize Raffle to be Announced This Friday


 The Rockaway Mermaid Brigade’s raffle to help support the small businesses that have sponsored the parade is coming to an end this week. In a  rare official press release from Poseidon’s Parade’s official press secretary (and new mama!), Alex Cannon professionally states:

“Friday night, March 19 at 7:30 PM TUNE IN on Instagram LIVE (@TheGingerLadd) to “Rendezvous! An Intimate Lounge Show” hosted by Poseidon’s Prom Queen @TheGingerLadd and her Prom King, @TheMisterLadd for the announcement of the winner of our Poseidon’s Proprietors $500 cash prize raffle! We are so grateful to the many local businesses that have shown our little parade such enormous support over the years, and we are proud to try and give back in a small way as we make our way out of a difficult year and into a brighter future together. The Rockaway Mermaid Brigade would like to thank everyone, businesses and patrons alike, for their continued support and we look forward to being on the boardwalk again with you in September! Follow @PoseidonsParade on Instagram and Facebook for more updates. “

While the drawing will occur on Friday, and one lucky winner will win some mermaid cash, I will continue to share mermaid submitted reviews of the parade’s sponsors over the next couple of weeks. This week it's all about mind spirit and body, as Janet Fash provides a mind stretching review  of “Ocean Bliss.”

Janey Fash is Rockaway’s favorite lifeguard chief, rabble rouser, swim coach, woman’s rugby enthusiast, advocate, and conversationalist. I was able to get in touch with her in Rincon, PR, where she has been training as a life coach and master of the aquatic arts. 

Janet:  Ocean Bliss Yoga located on the 3rd floor of the Belle Harbor Yacht Club, with a beautiful view of the bay, is a great place to practice yoga as it has a variety of yoga classes for everyone.  For those of you who think you must be flexible to participate well all of us have various flexibility ranges and you do what your body can. It improves your flexibility and strength. It also attunes you into your spiritual being - you and the universe, making you more mindful of the present moment. If you visit Ocean Bliss Yoga you are bound to find a class that suits you. For Yogis like myself, I enjoy them all.

The All Levels or Vinyasa class energizes me while the Yin and Yoga Nidra does wonders in the evening to wind me down and get me ready for a sleepful night. Whether it’s Helen’s and Jen’s All Levels, Kathy’s Gentle or Yoga Nidra, Paulette's All Levels or Gentle and Restorative Yoga all offer a wonderful experience.

Paulette’s Restorative Workshops stretches and relaxes my nervous system using supports such as blankets, bolsters and blocks. It is truly transformative and healing. Each instructor brings something for all. I truly have my sister Helen to thank for sparking my love of yoga. I love using all the supports offered in the classes. It took me a while to realize that I don’t have to get into the pose like the person next to me - I have to honor my body’s  flexibility and limitations. As a result, I am more flexible than ever before. If you haven’t been to Ocean Bliss Yoga, try it! Their space is huge allowing for social distance and safety. There’s something for everyone!

Bert: Last reminder: Friday night, March 19 at 7:30 PM TUNE IN on Instagram LIVE (@TheGingerLadd) to hear the winner of the contest.  And keep tuning in to my column, as the reviews of our amazing small businesses will continue. 

 By Bert Sanders