Cochrane Strength: Reaching the ‘Unreachable’


 The pandemic has altered nearly every aspect of our lives—and exercise is no exception. Capacity limitations, face coverings, and social distancing protocols implemented by public health officials have drastically changed how, when, and where we exercise.

Although these protocols may give someone every reason to skip a workout, exercise is vital to one’s physical and mental health, pandemic or not. Nevertheless, most know that exercise promotes good health. What many do not understand is just how important it truly is.

Leave the explaining up to Breezy Point native, Kevin Cochrane. Cochrane has dedicated the last three years of his life to working out and building his body. Even Cuisine by Claudette, which supports good nutrition, knows Cochrane is the real deal as in November, he became their first-ever sponsored athlete. And he’ll soon be sharing his knowledge locally.

“Fitness truly saved my life,” says Cochrane. “Not long ago, I was in a dark place and fitness brought me to a brighter side. I became involved in fitness and general wellness to better myself and I earned what I worked for: results. I had many people asking me about my workout routine, diet, supplements, sleep schedule, etc. At one point I thought to myself... ‘why not just make a fitness account to give people access to what I’m doing.’” So, he did just that, and it is “booming.” Since launching Cochrane Strength on Instagram, he has gained nearly 1,500 followers and he’s now trainer in gyms and fitness studios around NYC.

You can catch Cochrane at HIT Factory in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and Fit4Life in Howard Beach, where he is both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. And he’ll soon be coming to the peninsula. Cochrane will be teaching at The Rockaway Hotel on Beach 108th Street and Burn Fitness on Beach 104th Street. Additionally, for those who enjoy some fresh air while working out, Cochrane says, “I am planning a beach boot camp during the summer months as well. Keep an eye out!”

Cochrane says his training is made for all fitness levels. “I have something for everyone. I train beginners, athletes, elderly, etc. All are welcome. My biggest suggestion to anyone trying to make a change in their lifestyle is to come and take one of my classes or talk to someone who has taken one. These classes will change your quality of life for the better.”

Besides showing others what he does, Cochrane says he also started his Instagram account “because I am driven to help others reach the unreachable. I want to support those who may feel isolated, anxious, or fearful [all of which could be side effects of the year-long quarantine] because that was me.” Cochrane encourages people to kick those doubts to the curb. “You can take control of your life. Make no excuses and come train with me,” he said.

Check out Cochrane’s Instagram account @coch_strength to find out when and where he will be hosting classes. With beach season around the corner, there is no better time to join him in his quest. After all, only 87 days remain until summer. And conveniently, group fitness classes in NYC were given the OK to resume this week indoors. With that being said, it is time to move!

 By Daniel Lynch