New Community Board Members Announced


After implementing several reforms to the Queens community board network and modernizing the selection process, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. has announced the newest appointees for community board across the borough including Rockaway’s Community Board 14.

Of the 373 appointees across Queens’ 14 boards, 110 are first-time members who had not previously served on a board. The 373 appointees — chosen out of this year’s pool over 900 applicants, a Queens borough record and 56.5 percent increase from last year — began their two-year terms on April 1, 2021.

“Queens has never been closer to community board representation that is truly reflective of our borough’s vast diversity than it is today. Thank you to the over 900 applicants who heard the call of community service and congratulations to all who have been appointed. Queens looks forward to all you will accomplish on behalf of our families,” Borough President Richards said. “Democracy is at its strongest when the voices of all the people it serves are elevated, a principle we are proud to strive toward with this new class of appointees.”

Borough President Richards worked to correct the underrepresentation of numerous demographics, beginning with women. Of the 110 first-time appointees, 62.4 percent are women. Borough President Richards also made a concerted effort to appoint more young people to their local community board and 74.3 percent of this year’s first-time appointees are 45 years old or younger. The 110 first-time appointees are also much more representative of the borough’s expansive diversity, in terms of ethnicity, heritage and sexual orientation.

Following through on his pledge to revamp the Queens community board network, Borough President Richards has established a Code of Conduct to outline the rules and responsibilities of board members, maintain the legal and ethical integrity of the work performed by the boards and ensure a positive, inclusive working environment across the board network. Any member who violates the Code of Conduct may face corrective action up to and including removal from the board for cause by the Borough President. Complaints against community board members for alleged violations of the Code will be investigated by the Borough President’s General Counsel’s Office.

Community board members must also complete three training courses offered by the New York City Commission on Human Rights. To promote modernization and uniformity across the 14 community boards, Borough President Richards is also calling on each board to establish a bylaw revision committee this April to conduct a comprehensive review of its bylaws, policies and procedures.

"Sitting on the Board is no easy task - it requires a lot of time, effort and energy,” Council Member Eric Ulrich said. “I am confident our new members will not only serve with the utmost dignity and respect - but will also offer new, important voices in Queens. I want to thank Queens Borough President Donovan Richards for making appointments to CB9, CB10 and CB14 upon my recommendation.”

Community boards hold monthly full membership meetings. The Boards also hold hearings and issue recommendations about the City budget, municipal service delivery and numerous other matters that impact their communities. Members are all volunteers.

Borough President Richards’ appointments for the 2021-2023 term for Community Board 14 are: Mark Anaya, Gabrielle Bennett, Yaakov Berger, Lailah Boyd, Giselle Carter, Natasha Carter, John Cori, Eric Diaz, Temima Feldman, Jaden Gabb, Gerald David, Eugenia Gibson, Yitzchok Goldstone, Rose Duggan Gulston, Randy Hall, Brian Kelly, Paul King, Maggie Larkins, Neibel Denise Lopresti. Nancy Maritinez, John McCambridge, Isa Mitchell, Aldean Moore, Daniel Mundy, Eugene Pasternak, Karen Sloane Payne, David Rood-Ojalvo, Wanda Warden and Lisa Williams.