U.S. Park Police Arrest Lewd Man in Fort Tilden


 During the early evening of Thursday, July 22, a man was arrested for public nudity in Fort Tilden. However, a witness says he was also allegedly exhibiting lewd behaviors in front of young women in the public beach area.

The incident was brought to the attention of The Rockaway Times by a local resident in the hopes of bringing awareness to others. The source said they were riding along the short Shore Road path in Fort Tilden when they saw the naked man, and two women riding toward him from the other direction. “He sees them, and he starts playing with himself,” the source said. Shortly after, the witness discreetly took pictures of the man to show to police. “I go past him. He didn’t even blink an eye. He was so comfortable doing this,” the witness said. They then noticed young girls walking on the beach and the naked man began to walk toward the beach. It was at this moment the witness called the United States Park Police.

“They came immediately, and I said he’s right there, you’ll probably catch him coming up. He was walking up to the path, and they caught him red handed. They took my pictures and locked him up,” the witness said. “This guy acted as if nothing happened. Next time he might grab one of our kids.” The witness expressed concern that the National Park Service isn’t doing enough to curb such behavior.

“I’ve been shining light on this and they’re turning a blind eye to this. It happens at Bay 1 all the time,” they said. “NPS is really dropping the ball with taking care of the quality-of-life issues.”

Concerned and wanting to warn others, the witness shared this story and photos with The Rockaway Times (RT). The RT reached out to the National Park Service to find out if the man was charged, if he was released and if they are doing anything to protect beachgoers in the area.

A spokesperson for NPS responded, simply saying, “An individual, male, was arrested on Thursday, July 22, around 5:15 p.m. at Fort Tilden for public nudity. The incident happened near the Shore Road path. Community members are encouraged to contact the US Park Police (718-354-4700) if they see anything suspicious or have information about other illegal activities.”

It is not clear if the man was immediately released. In responses online, some said they have seen the man in public areas such as Beach 116th and Beach 129th Street.

By Katie McFadden


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