Ain’t That a Beach


 Well, that’s not supposed to be there!

On Sunday, September 5, just after noon, a vessel with the captain aboard slowly drifted on to Beach 119th Street on a cloudy Labor Day weekend beach day. Curious beachgoers and lifeguards quickly approached the vessel as it grounded and helped the lone man off of his boat as he called for a tow. The man, who had a heavy Russian accent, said he launched out of Brooklyn and the engine stopped functioning. As he tried to get it to work and called for assistance, the boat decided to make a little stop on the beach. The man wasn’t able to get assistance right away.

The boat remained on the beach and piqued the curiosity of holiday beachgoers on Monday who stopped to take photos. As tow crews on scene were trying to determine the best way to remove the vessel, they said they had told the man to drop the anchor while out in the water, which he allegedly failed to do. By Tuesday, the boat was still on the beach.

According to the Parks Department, this one was on the owner. “Removal is ultimately the responsibility of the boat owner. We’re working to connect with them to coordinate the removal of the vessel,” a Parks spokesperson said.

By early Tuesday evening, Sea Tow was able to tow the boat back out into the water and bring it back to Brooklyn.

Story and Photos
By Katie McFadden


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