Girls Get Glammed Up At Reid’s Studio


 Girls just want to have fun and now Reid’s Studio 28 is the hottest spot in town for girls to party, feel glamorous and get a little creative. After many months of preparation ahead of hosting their first girl’s birthday party, Reids Studio 28 is ready to keep the party going.

Since taking over Rocco’s Salon in May 2021, Sharon Johannesen Nicholsen has been hard at work transforming it into Reid’s Studio 28. From the start, the local hairdresser envisioned hosting kids’ glamour parties in the space. On Sunday, January 16, that vision finally became reality when Nicholsen held her first successful birthday for a local eight-year-old and 12 of her friends.

After the salon closed up shop on Saturday, Nicholsen and her team got to work transforming the studio into the perfect party place for girls. With safety as priority, they put away the scissors, chemicals and hot tools and brought in the pink chair covers, party tent and carpet, glitter walls and more, and welcomed the girls to party on Sunday afternoon.

The girls got to enjoy an afternoon of pampering with hair, glamour manicure and sparkly makeup stations where the girls got to add a little sparkle to their look with facial jewelry stickers. Once their look was complete, they got to don feather boas and pose for glamour photo shoots and take their model photos home with them. They also got to engage in some arts and crafts, play games, practice hairstyles on mannequins, have a disco dance party, and what would a party be without pizza and cake for the birthday girl? By the end, it had the girls telling their parents, “I don’t want to go,” showing that Reid’s Studio’s birthday parties are a big hit. “That made my heart melt,” Nicholsen said.

After months of hard work building out the space and delays due to Covid, hosting that first successful party was a relief for Nicholsen. “I’m so glad the first one is out of the way. I wanted everything perfect and when it was over, it was a sigh of relief,” Nicholsen said. With everything going on with Covid, Nicholsen wasn’t sure if calls for parties would come in. But she already has two parties booked for the month. “I think parents have had it with kids not being able to do anything or have a little celebration,” she said. “It was so nice to see the kids come together. They were so excited. My goal is just to make them happy, make them feel beautiful and have fun and bring some normalcy to kids.”

Offering glamour parties to girls is a longtime goal for Nicholsen. After all, the hairdresser used to own a party store. “It stemmed back from that because I liked doing the party store and now I have a salon so it’s a good fit and it’s good for the neighborhood,” Nicholsen said. “I’m looking forward to hosting more parties going forward.”

Nicholsen already has another party this weekend and has plans for future parties that may include sand art or make your own lip gloss as part of the arts and crafts, and maybe even a chocolate fountain for kids to dip pretzels and decorate them, so she’s looking forward to future bookings. And she’s offering a special. “We’re giving $100 off for the first 10 parties as long as parents sign off on consent for photos during the party that we can use for advertising. It’s a big savings and with real life photos, people can get to see the full action and what we do here with the kids having a good time,” Nicholsen said.

Parties are offered Saturday nights for pre-teens, and on Sunday or after school on Mondays for the younger girls. Sunday mornings are also open for bridal parties to get ready for a wedding. Reid’s Studio 28 is located at 173 Beach 116th Street. For inquiries or to book a party, call 516-974-1953.

 By Katie McFadden

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