A Facelift for Nicole Frontera Beauty


 Nicole Frontera Beauty recently had a major facelift and they’re gearing up to show off their new look. On Thursday, June 23, the medspa is hosting a grand reopening party to show off their expansion and renovation, debut some new treatments and give those who haven’t given it a try, an inside look into the Nicole Frontera Beauty experience.

When an office space opened up next door at NFB’s 104-02 Rockaway Beach Boulevard location last May, owner Nicole Frontera jumped at the opportunity to expand the business she opened in 2013.  After a hard two years, having to close and limit business during the peak of the Covid pandemic, Frontera was ready to move NFB into the future. “I saw an opportunity with the space opening up and figured we could use a facelift after being in business for more than six years. I always wanted to offer more services and look for the latest and greatest technology to do things, so this gave me the chance to expand and offer more of that,” she said.

The expansion also gave a chance to give the medspa a new overall look. “I wanted to make an upscale looking place. Everyone that’s been coming in keeps saying ‘Wow, this place belongs in Manhattan.’ But it goes back to this idea of why do we have to leave the peninsula for something? Our peninsula deserves this. We have so many upgrades among our businesses now, like the new Rockaway Hotel, so we’re starting to get somewhere.”

Frontera wanted to do her part in upgrading. So she spent several months making big changes starting with a full gut renovation of the expanded space. They doubled their treatment rooms, going from four to eight, which will allow for more services to take place at one time, since Frontera was also able to hire two more employees. “There are so many lasers and technology now, and in our old space we weren’t able to utilize them all at one time, so now we can see more people at once. For example, we weren’t able to do two facials at once and now we can. There were so many things customers were requesting from us that we couldn’t accommodate in a smaller space and now luckily, we can,” she said. They’ve also added a retail area where people can pick up products to bring home or gifts for the holidays.

They’re also able to introduce new services. Among them is Opus Eyes, a non-surgical eye treatment that tightens the skin around the eyes. Plus, a much-needed non-invasive hair restoration treatment. “We have this brand-new restoration device we just got to help with hair loss. So many people, especially after Covid are going through it now, and this treatment is great because typically you had to get injections to address hair loss and now we’re doing it without injections so it’s not a painful procedure and there’s no downtime after, so we’re excited about that,” she said.

Customers old and new will be able to check it all out at a grand reopening celebration on Thursday, June 23 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The event will include a food truck, champagne, plenty of giveaways, opportunities to sample services and to learn all about the NFB experience and what they offer. “We just want people to casually come in and not feel intimidated or nervous. They can see and feel things with sample treatments. Sometimes people feel intimidated to come into places like this and some assume something it’s not, so we want people to see what we’re all about without feeling pressured to do anything,” Frontera said. Plus, everyone that comes in will have an incentive to come back. All visitors will receive a raffle ticket to enter to win a service, and those who make purchases on Thursday will be given more tickets to enter.

Frontera is hoping to see some new faces but is also grateful for all the support her customers have given her over the years and throughout the renovation. “We want to thank our customers and people who have been so loyal to us. It’s amazing and I wouldn’t be where I am without Rockaway and the community here. I’m so grateful,” Frontera said.  “This reopening will be a fun way to give back to the community.”

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