Recycled Tires

The DIYer

For years there have been concerns about what used tires are doing to the environment.

Here is your chance to use those old tires to beautify your backyard (or even your front lawn). Any DIYer can do this well/planter project.

Here is how:

1- Start off by cutting a 4-inch by 4-inch hole in opposite sides of the tire for your post (do this to both sides).

2- Lining up the holes, stack the first two tires and secure them together using screws from the inside. Repeat to add a third tire.

3- Placing your tires where you would like them, mark the ground through the bottom holes using spray paint.

4- Dig a hole about one-foot deep for your supports to fit in.

5- Place your tires over the holes and slide your supports in (supports should be 4 x 4’s 5 ½ feet long).

6- Cut a 2 x 4 to fit across the 4 x 4’s at the top and attach using screws.

7- To add a roof, cut two 2 x 4’s about two-feet long and attach them to the supports about eight inches from the top. Cut two pieces of plywood the width of the tires by 18 inches. Attach them to the top and to the 2 x 4’s you just added, forming a roof.

8- Paint/stain the wood the color of your choice. Then paint a decorative design on the tires. Be creative with your design.

9- Fill the inside of the tires with dirt and plant some flowers.

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