This project is great for kids parties or just to have fun with the kids on a nice summer day.

To start off with you will need pins and a ball. Pins can be easily made by painting 20 oz. soda bottles white. For a ball, I recommend painting a tennis ball to a color of your choosing. Or you can buy plastic bowling sets at discount stores.

How to make the ally:

You will need the following:

Nine 12 ft lengths of decking wood,

Six 8 ft lengths of decking wood,

Two 8 or 10 ft 4x4’s

Silicone and stain

1 - Laying the 12 ft lengths side-by-side, get a true measurement of the width.

2- Cut the 8 ft lengths to the width from step one, you should end up with 12 pieces.

3- With the 12 ft lengths side-by-side, (tightly) screw one of the cut

A reader wrote in asking, “How to repair her Bar-B-Que.” Be sure the grill is cool and gas is off when working on it.

Removing the grate:

I’ve seen sites telling people to use tongs. I disagree. With the grill cold, lift it out carefully while wearing rubber gloves. You can use tongs to lift one end (if needed) to get a hold of it. Replace if needed.

Remove heat plates and coal:

Take them out and place on a piece of newspaper. Replace as needed.

Remove burner assembly:

This is where it

Do you have a tile backsplash in your kitchen or tile walls in your bathroom that are in good shape, but the colors are out of date? Why re-tile when you can save money by painting them? This project will give your tiles a new look and add a few more years to their life.

Here’s how:

1-  Clean the tile thoroughly.

2-  Sand the tile using 120 grit sandpaper, to remove some of the glaze finish. Clean again after sanding.

3-  Tape off any edges as needed.

4-  Apply two coats of a Latex Bonding

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or know someone who is, don’t throw away the old cabinet doors. They are great for future DIYer projects. Here are a few ideas.

Childs desk:

By adding legs and a coat of paint you got a great little desk for a child.


Applying a coat of paint, then painting the inside panels with chalkboard paint, will give you a great chalkboard for quick notes.

Photo collage:

Paint the door, then using contact cement, add a fabric backing to the panels. Then

Backyard dominoes can be fun for the whole family. This project can be made for less than $100 and rates as a 2 on my DIYer skill level (with 10 being the hardest).

What you will need:

Seven 8-foot lengths of 5/4 decking wood.

One quart of (dark walnut colored) MinWax stain/sealer.

One pint of white Rust-Oleum (white) paint.

One quart clear sealer.

How to make your dominoes:

1- Cut the decking wood into 28, 11-inch pieces.

2- Sand all edges smooth.

3- Apply two coats of stain to both

At our next DIYer class I will be recommending this little delight as our first class project.

What better way to set up for a nice evening for two than with a nice bottle of wine, and what better way to serve it than with the wine glass caddy that you made.

This little delight is one of the easier DIYer projects.


Here is how to make it:

1 - You will need a piece of wood 12 inches long by 6 inches wide.

I recommend using a soft pine, it’s easy to work with and will last when sealed

When I looked online at the prices of coil rope baskets, I just had to write an article on how to do it yourself. Best of all, this project is not only fun for adults, but it’s a great project to do with the kids.

You will need the following items: rope, glue gun, carpenters glue, a plastic bag (or clear wrap) and a bucket or container (for shape).

Here is how to make your own.

1- Wrap the container with clear wrap or a bag.

2- With your container upside down, start laying out your rope

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