Do you remember as a kid gluing popsicle sticks to make a jewelry box or for other craft projects? This week we're going to explore another chapter in working with popsicle sticks (also called craft sticks).

Popsicle Stick Bending

Popsicle stick bending/shaping isn't just for kids making bracelets, it’s great for art projects and a great learning experience for DIYer’s. The method used in bending popsicle sticks is similar to how you would bend wood for larger projects (but on a smaller scale).

First thing to keep in mind is that all wood bending is, is warping the wood to conform to a desired shape. For beginners it is always better to work with softwoods like pine or in this case popsicle sticks.

You will first need a round container

 No matter if you’re making ornaments, coasters, signs or a personalized gift, a wood burning kit can cost between ($25 and $35) (without specialty tips), and is a great way to add a personalized touch to most any smaller wood project.


Wood burning kits and supplies (including wood) can be found online or at most craft stores. Some of the best things to work with are sliced tree branches (for coasters), reclaimed wood (for signs) and project wood for other types of projects.

Many DIYers rely on the internet for their source of information. YouTube videos are great for general reference, but you never know if they are posted by amateurs or people who know what they are talking about.

I put together a list of sites that I think are a great resource for DIYers.

1-, for heating or plumbing parts/supplies they have a great stock. Once you find the part you’re looking for, you can find helpful videos near the bottom of the page.

Their videos are done

When most people think of staining, they think of wood.

Surprisingly there are a lot more things that can be stained than you think. This week we're going to look at staining your concrete patio (or driveway).

Over the years, driveways and patios get a lot of abuse from the weather (and many other things), and as a result there are stains that just won’t come out no matter what. Or maybe it’s just time to give your patio a new look.

There are many companies that make concrete stains

Each week I write an article for the DIYer’s. Most weeks they are geared towards larger projects. But there is a whole other group of DIYer’s out there, those that are focused primarily on small projects or hobbies.

There is a whole other line of tools for the hobbyist. This week I would like to tell you a little about them.

Hobby tools are tools that have a lot less power, smaller blades (on saws), etc, and are designed to only do the small projects. A good example would be a “Hobby miter

With the summer in full force, not everyone heads to the beach. Some people would rather work in their garden.

Though gardening tools are not a major expense, maintaining them is an easy way to save a few dollars and only takes a few minutes after each use.

1- Rinse all gardening tools before storing them ‘til next use. Rinsing will not only remove dirt, it will reduce spreading plant disease from one plant to another.

2- Store your tools where they will be dry, and never put them away until

Looking for a way to keep the kids bikes from laying all over the yard?

Try this PVC Bike Rack, it will hold five bikes.

What you’ll need:

4- Lengths of 1 ½ PVC pipe

14- 1 ½ PVC elbows

20- 1 ½ PVC T’s

1- Can of PVC glue

Making the cuts:

Cut 10 pieces of PVC 3 ½ inches long. Then cut the rest into 12 inch pieces.

Connecting everything together:

1- Glue two 12-inch pieces into either end of an elbow making a V. Repeat 10 times.

2- Glue the ends of the V’s you just made into the “T” end

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