For years there have been concerns about what used tires are doing to the environment.

Here is your chance to use those old tires to beautify your backyard (or even your front lawn). Any DIYer can do this well/planter project.

Here is how:

1- Start off by cutting a 4-inch by 4-inch hole in opposite sides of the tire for your post (do this to both sides).

2- Lining up the holes, stack the first two tires and secure them together using screws from the inside. Repeat to add a third tire.

3- Placing your tires where you would like them, mark the ground through the bottom holes using spray paint.

4- Dig a hole about one-foot deep for your supports to fit in.

5- Place your tires over the holes and slide your supports in (supports should

I’d like to start off thanking Katie McFadden for the wonderful article last week.

Now for the driftwood art…

Living near the beach, a lot of people would like a touch of the beach in their home. This is an easy and creative way to get that look and feel.

1- Start off with a piece of ¼ inch plywood. Cut it to the shape you like for your project and drill a small hole in the top center (for hanging your artwork).

2- Lay out your driftwood on the plywood (you can use stones or shells to fill

There are three kinds of holes: small, medium and large, and each require a different procedure to repair.


Small holes:

Small holes are easy to

For holes smaller than one inch, simply spackle the hole filling it completely. 

Allow to dry thoroughly, it will crack, that's to be expected.

Apply a second coat, this time feathering it out a little.

Repeat once or twice more, feathering a little more each time as needed.

Sand as needed and paint.


Medium holes:

For holes one

Here’s Part 2 of building a Rustic Farmhouse Table. Refer to last week’s paper for Part 1.

Finishing Your Table:

1- Before you put the finish coat on, you will need to do some sanding. Make sure all edges are smooth and outer edges are slightly rounded. For an added touch you can sand the tabletop corners so that they are rounded.

2- Make sure your table is dust free, then apply the stain (color of your choice) in multiple coats. Do this by brushing on the stain and wiping it off with a

Painting the entrance door to your home can change the whole look of the front of your home.



Wood doors:

1- Scrape away all loose/flaking paint.

2- Sand any rough spots/areas.

3- Fill any cracks with paintable/sandable wood filler.

4- Sand wood filler until smooth to the touch.


Vinyl doors:

1- Thoroughly clean with a degreasing cleaner.

2- If the door has dents, fill dents (see Steel Doors below).


Steel Doors:

1- Sand any rust spots and thoroughly clean with a

1- Add a little accent color

If you have shelves in a room, you can add a little accent color to the room by painting the shelves. Using a pastel paint will also brighten up a room even in small portions (like on shelves)

2- Replace light switches (and plate covers)

Most people don’t consider replacing a switch as an update, but changing it to a dimmer switch allows you to adjust a room's lighting to the perfect mood. Adding a decorative switch plate cover is also a nice added touch.


(Part 1)

A reader wrote in asking about building a Rustic Farmhouse Table. I thought this was a great topic, however I am covering this in a two-part article due to limited article space.

Where to start?

As with any table, you will need to start with the legs and supports. If you have an old wood table with a sturdy frame, you can always just change the top. But if you’re building it from scratch, here are the basics.

1- Use pressure-treated wood or true timber. But bare in mind that true

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