If you’re remodeling your kitchen or know someone who is, don’t throw away the old cabinet doors. They are great for future DIYer projects. Here are a few ideas.

Childs desk:

By adding legs and a coat of paint you got a great little desk for a child.


Applying a coat of paint, then painting the inside panels with chalkboard paint, will give you a great chalkboard for quick notes.

Photo collage:

Paint the door, then using contact cement, add a fabric backing to the panels. Then use the contact cement to add photos to make a framed collage.

A serving tray:

A good coat of Rust-oleum paint and a handle on either end will make for a nice serving tray. For an added touch, paint the door two-toned or use stencils to add a

When I looked online at the prices of coil rope baskets, I just had to write an article on how to do it yourself. Best of all, this project is not only fun for adults, but it’s a great project to do with the kids.

You will need the following items: rope, glue gun, carpenters glue, a plastic bag (or clear wrap) and a bucket or container (for shape).

Here is how to make your own.

1- Wrap the container with clear wrap or a bag.

2- With your container upside down, start laying out your rope

With spring upon us, you’ll surely be looking to spend more time in the yard or on the porch.  That means it’s time to start cleaning the patio/deck furniture.

I see a lot of sites recommending using a mix of vinegar and water, some say to add a touch of dishwashing soap. I am sure that works well, but I still like using a cleaner.

With living near the beach, every spring there’s a buildup of grime from the salt air, the winter elements, fuel discharge from the planes, etc. A bad

I’d like to start off thanking Katie McFadden for the wonderful article last week.

Now for the driftwood art…

Living near the beach, a lot of people would like a touch of the beach in their home. This is an easy and creative way to get that look and feel.

1- Start off with a piece of ¼ inch plywood. Cut it to the shape you like for your project and drill a small hole in the top center (for hanging your artwork).

2- Lay out your driftwood on the plywood (you can use stones or shells to fill

Not all faucets are the same, so you may have to adapt this repair to your faucet needs. As a rule of thumb, if you have a faucet with two knobs, change them both at the same time.

You will need the following tools: A tongue & groove pliers, screwdriver, needle nose pliers and an 1/8th inch allen wrench.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

1 - Shut off both the hot and cold valves under the sink and open the faucet to allow it to drip dry.

2 - Remove the handle(s) by taking the screw cover

For years there have been concerns about what used tires are doing to the environment.

Here is your chance to use those old tires to beautify your backyard (or even your front lawn). Any DIYer can do this well/planter project.

Here is how:

1- Start off by cutting a 4-inch by 4-inch hole in opposite sides of the tire for your post (do this to both sides).

2- Lining up the holes, stack the first two tires and secure them together using screws from the inside. Repeat to add a third tire.


Painting the entrance door to your home can change the whole look of the front of your home.



Wood doors:

1- Scrape away all loose/flaking paint.

2- Sand any rough spots/areas.

3- Fill any cracks with paintable/sandable wood filler.

4- Sand wood filler until smooth to the touch.


Vinyl doors:

1- Thoroughly clean with a degreasing cleaner.

2- If the door has dents, fill dents (see Steel Doors below).


Steel Doors:

1- Sand any rust spots and thoroughly clean with a

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