With the summer in full force, not everyone heads to the beach. Some people would rather work in their garden.

Though gardening tools are not a major expense, maintaining them is an easy way to save a few dollars and only takes a few minutes after each use.

1- Rinse all gardening tools before storing them ‘til next use. Rinsing will not only remove dirt, it will reduce spreading plant disease from one plant to another.

2- Store your tools where they will be dry, and never put them away until fully dry. Rust is one of the most common reasons for replacing gardening tools.

3- Anything with wood handles, wipe the handles down with a rag dampened with Linseed Oil at the beginning and end of each season.

4- Keep blades and shovels

When most people think of staining, they think of wood.

Surprisingly there are a lot more things that can be stained than you think. This week we're going to look at staining your concrete patio (or driveway).

Over the years, driveways and patios get a lot of abuse from the weather (and many other things), and as a result there are stains that just won’t come out no matter what. Or maybe it’s just time to give your patio a new look.

There are many companies that make concrete stains

This project is great for kids parties or just to have fun with the kids on a nice summer day.

To start off with you will need pins and a ball. Pins can be easily made by painting 20 oz. soda bottles white. For a ball, I recommend painting a tennis ball to a color of your choosing. Or you can buy plastic bowling sets at discount stores.

How to make the ally:

You will need the following:

Nine 12 ft lengths of decking wood,

Six 8 ft lengths of decking wood,

Two 8 or 10 ft 4x4’s


Backyard dominoes can be fun for the whole family. This project can be made for less than $100 and rates as a 2 on my DIYer skill level (with 10 being the hardest).

What you will need:

Seven 8-foot lengths of 5/4 decking wood.

One quart of (dark walnut colored) MinWax stain/sealer.

One pint of white Rust-Oleum (white) paint.

One quart clear sealer.

How to make your dominoes:

1- Cut the decking wood into 28, 11-inch pieces.

2- Sand all edges smooth.

3- Apply two coats of stain to both

Looking for a way to keep the kids bikes from laying all over the yard?

Try this PVC Bike Rack, it will hold five bikes.

What you’ll need:

4- Lengths of 1 ½ PVC pipe

14- 1 ½ PVC elbows

20- 1 ½ PVC T’s

1- Can of PVC glue

Making the cuts:

Cut 10 pieces of PVC 3 ½ inches long. Then cut the rest into 12 inch pieces.

Connecting everything together:

1- Glue two 12-inch pieces into either end of an elbow making a V. Repeat 10 times.

2- Glue the ends of the V’s you just made into the “T” end

A reader wrote in asking, “How to repair her Bar-B-Que.” Be sure the grill is cool and gas is off when working on it.

Removing the grate:

I’ve seen sites telling people to use tongs. I disagree. With the grill cold, lift it out carefully while wearing rubber gloves. You can use tongs to lift one end (if needed) to get a hold of it. Replace if needed.

Remove heat plates and coal:

Take them out and place on a piece of newspaper. Replace as needed.

Remove burner assembly:

This is where it

Do you have a tile backsplash in your kitchen or tile walls in your bathroom that are in good shape, but the colors are out of date? Why re-tile when you can save money by painting them? This project will give your tiles a new look and add a few more years to their life.

Here’s how:

1-  Clean the tile thoroughly.

2-  Sand the tile using 120 grit sandpaper, to remove some of the glaze finish. Clean again after sanding.

3-  Tape off any edges as needed.

4-  Apply two coats of a Latex Bonding

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