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 As with most cleaning, everyone has their own little tricks that work. This week Susanne and I put our heads together and boy did it hurt… But really we wanted to see what ideas we could come up with to clean chrome. Here’s what we decided to share with you.

Steel wool:

Steel wool works great to take off some of the mild to mid range rust. Just be sure to use a little soap (everyday dishwashing soap works great) to help prevent scratch marks.


Owning a motorcycle and living in the Rockaways, I know what kind of rust can set in. I like using Brillo to get a lot of the heavy rust off from the weather. Making sure it is soaked to get the full results of the soap in it and rubbing gently to not scratch the chrome seems to work for me.


CLR (Calcium Lime & Rust Remover) is great for cleaning chrome. I recommend it for a final cleaning after using the Brillo or Steel Wool to get the heavy rust off.

Online tips I found:

1- Aluminum foil: I’ve seen it said that wetting aluminum foil and rubbing it on the rust will remove it.

2- Vinegar: Vinegar is said to be extremely acidic and works well as a chrome cleaner.

3- Salt and lemon juice in equal parts is said to clean light rust from chrome.

4- Cola is said to work pretty well. I remember the days of using it to clean battery terminals on a car. I guess it could work on chrome too.

5- Flour buffed into the chrome and cleaning it off with water seems to be a popular method.

Other methods found included Cooking Spray, Dryer Sheets, Baby Wipes and so on. 

Note: I personally have not tried the methods I found online, I am sharing them to give you more options to try. I’d like to hear which methods you tried and what worked best for you.


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