Creative Things to Do With Wallpaper

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This is a great project for both adults and kids.

Where to get your wallpaper:

If you’re doing a big project you may need to buy a roll of wallpaper, but if you’re doing small projects, you can get samples for little to no cost. Most wallpaper stores have outdated sample books they will give you (or sell real cheap). Be sure to buy/get more than you need and a wide variety of designs.

Here are a few things you can do with a free sample book:

1- Make your own decorative light switch covers.

2- Make holders for kitchen utensils, pencil holders, etc.

3- Create a collage on doors, walls, etc. to accent a room.

4- Create framed art.

5- Make small gift bags.

6- Make serving trays.

The list is never-ending. You can look online for more ideas, and don’t be afraid to get creative.


What you’ll need:

1- The item you’re looking to decorate.

2- Your wallpaper (or samples).

3- A scissor.

4- Wallpaper glue.

5- A paint brush.


How to do it??

1- Prep the wallpaper (cut out designs if needed).

2- Apply the glue lig­htly to the back of the wallpaper.

3- Place the wallpaper on your project as desired.

4- Using your hand (or something flat like a plastic scraper), work out the excess glue and make sure there are no bumps or ripples in the wallpaper.

5- To add decorative cuttings, once the glue is dry, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Most of the projects you’ll find are very easy and cheap to make, some of them will make great gifts.

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