Painting an Entrance Door

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Painting the entrance door to your home can change the whole look of the front of your home.



Wood doors:

1- Scrape away all loose/flaking paint.

2- Sand any rough spots/areas.

3- Fill any cracks with paintable/sandable wood filler.

4- Sand wood filler until smooth to the touch.


Vinyl doors:

1- Thoroughly clean with a degreasing cleaner.

2- If the door has dents, fill dents (see Steel Doors below).


Steel Doors:

1- Sand any rust spots and thoroughly clean with a degreasing cleaner.

2- Fill any dents with a sandable auto body filler.

3- Sand until smooth to the touch.



1- Tape off all hardware (hinges, knobs, locks, etc) using painter’s tape.

2- Tape off windows with painter’s tape.

3- Prime the door using a neutralizing primer (Kilz or Bin). If the door needed a lot of sanding or had a lot of marks on it, apply a second coat of the primer.

4- Paint the door with a door paint.

5- Apply two more coats of paint to the surfaces (not the side edges).

A- When painting, first do all brush work. Be sure to not apply it too heavy to avoid runs and brush marks. On wood doors after applying the paint, lightly pass the brush over the paint in line with the wood grain.

B- Paint the main area of the door using a roller.

C- Do not try to apply heavy coats of paint, this will cause runs. Whenever painting it is good practice to apply more thin coats than less heavy coats.


Recommended paint:

Most any good quality exterior semi-gloss paint will work, but for the best results, use a door paint. Modern Masters makes a Front Door paint that is specially formulated for exterior doors.


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