Driftwood Art

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I’d like to start off thanking Katie McFadden for the wonderful article last week.

Now for the driftwood art…

Living near the beach, a lot of people would like a touch of the beach in their home. This is an easy and creative way to get that look and feel.

1- Start off with a piece of ¼ inch plywood. Cut it to the shape you like for your project and drill a small hole in the top center (for hanging your artwork).

2- Lay out your driftwood on the plywood (you can use stones or shells to fill spaces) to the pattern you like. Once you lay it out, you may want to make changes, so don’t glue anything yet. Don’t hesitate to incorporate smaller pieces (twig-size) into your pattern too. It will add a little depth to its appearance.

3- Once you have the pattern set, move the driftwood off the plywood and lay it on the side (in the same pattern as your design).

4- Coat your plywood with Liquid Nail using a brush and a quart can (not the tubes).

5- Apply a little Liquid Nail to the back of each piece of driftwood (or shells/rocks) as you place them on the plywood. Allow to dry for a few hours before moving it.

6- Once your project is completed, apply a spray-on clear coat. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area and not near anything that can be damaged, should it get the clear coat on it. For indoor display of your artwork, repeat twice. For outside display, repeat four times.

Remember to be creative. Artwork should display what you like, not what you think others will like.

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