Cleaning Up That Patio Furniture

The DIYer

With spring upon us, you’ll surely be looking to spend more time in the yard or on the porch.  That means it’s time to start cleaning the patio/deck furniture.

I see a lot of sites recommending using a mix of vinegar and water, some say to add a touch of dishwashing soap. I am sure that works well, but I still like using a cleaner.

With living near the beach, every spring there’s a buildup of grime from the salt air, the winter elements, fuel discharge from the planes, etc. A bad combination.

I find using a product called Simple Green (concentrated general purpose cleaner) mixed in a 1:1 ratio with water works wonders. For tough spots, I pour a little on undiluted and let it sit for a few minutes, then go over it with the mix.

The best thing about this product (and mix) is it is safe for most fabrics, cushions, etc. as well as the furniture.

For white lawn furniture, I resort back to the old fashioned bleach cleaner and water. You should only add about 1 cup of bleach (maximum) per gallon of water and be sure to use gloves. Bleach can irritate your hands.

Another thing that works well on vinyl furniture is siding cleaner, like they sell for power washers. You can use most brands straight out of the bottle, or dilute it a little if you like.

When cleaning patio furniture, use a rag or soft bristle scrub brush.  Don’t use power washers or anything with high pressure. Not saying it can’t be used, but unless you have experience working with equipment like this, it is very easy to damage your furniture.

If you find a spot is very tough to get out, let it soak, that will usually do the gob.

With the warmer weather here, next week I will cover power washer.

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