Fix a Dripping Faucet

The DIYer

Not all faucets are the same, so you may have to adapt this repair to your faucet needs. As a rule of thumb, if you have a faucet with two knobs, change them both at the same time.

You will need the following tools: A tongue & groove pliers, screwdriver, needle nose pliers and an 1/8th inch allen wrench.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

1 - Shut off both the hot and cold valves under the sink and open the faucet to allow it to drip dry.

2 - Remove the handle(s) by taking the screw cover off. Use either the screwdriver or the allen wrench (depending on your faucet) to remove the screw and lift the handle off the stem.

3 - Unscrew and remove the adjustment ring.

4 - Remove the cap by using a tongue & groove pliers, be sure to cover the cap with a cloth so you don’t scratch it.

5 - Unscrew the stem or pull out the cartridge (depending on your faucet).

6 - If the washers look to be damaged, replace the washers and reassemble. If the washers look to be in good shape, you should replace the whole stem (available at most hardware stores) and reassemble.

7 - Turn off both faucet knobs and turn on the valves under the sink. Then turn the faucets to remove any air from the lines. When you turn the faucets off again, the leak should have stopped.

Note: When you remove the valves, pay close attention to how they came apart, reassembly is basically the same but in reverse.

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