Coil Rope Baskets

The DIYer

When I looked online at the prices of coil rope baskets, I just had to write an article on how to do it yourself. Best of all, this project is not only fun for adults, but it’s a great project to do with the kids.

You will need the following items: rope, glue gun, carpenters glue, a plastic bag (or clear wrap) and a bucket or container (for shape).

Here is how to make your own.

1- Wrap the container with clear wrap or a bag.

2- With your container upside down, start laying out your rope. For square containers, start at one corner and wrap your rope around, working your way into the center. For round containers, start in the center and work your way around towards the outside.

3- As you're wrapping your rope, frequently glue it using the glue gun to hold it in place and keep its shape.

4- Once your base is done, start at a corner (for square) or anywhere along the base (for round). Be sure to glue your sides to the bottom as you go. Wrap your rope around, gluing frequently and working your way to the top. Be sure to not wrap it too tight to the container, so you can remove it later. When you get to the top, cut the rope and glue the end well.

5- Gently lift your container out of the rope basket and peel away any remaining plastic from the inside.

6- Using your carpenter's glue, from the inside, fill all the seams where the ropes meet so that they are almost even.


Now that your rope basket is done, you might want to decorate it. Decorating is easy. You can keep it simple by just painting a few rows of rope at the top or bottom, or you can get more creative. Using a thin wool, you can create decorations by weaving it in and out through the rope, but be sure to re-glue any holes you make after

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