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 I personally have a collection of books, some are collector’s editions, some are rare (over 100 years old) and some are personally signed to me by the authors. Your collection of books may not be the same as mine, but just the same, they reflect your interests. Why shouldn’t your bookends reflect your interests as well?

Shopping around for the perfect set of bookends can be tough and justifying the price once you find them can be tougher. This week let’s focus on making our own bookends.

First: Decide on a theme for your bookends. This should be something that reflects your interests.

Second: Choosing a figure for your bookends. There are many things to choose from, I recommend shopping on Ebay. You can find mini busts, brass figures and porcelain or ceramic figures all of which have some weight to them making them good for bookends. You can choose to refinish your figure or (if aged) leave it with the aged look.

Third: Once you have your figure, you will need to make a base for it. Driftwood works great for a rustic look, for a more modern look a finished base will look better. If your figure is large, you’re ready for step four. If you chose a smaller figure you will need to add a side to your bookend for the books to rest against. Do this by adding a piece of wood about four to six inches high by the depth of your base, secure it by pre-drilling the holes and use wood screws. It is always a good idea to secure it before gluing.

Fourth: Finishing your base. For driftwood make sure you have a flat edge for the bottom. For store bought wood, you may want to decorate the edge using a router or files. Then stain or paint your base to the color of your choosing. Apply a spray-on clear coat when done with your base.

Fifth: Mount your figure to the wood base using Gorilla Glue. If your figure has a small area where it will attach to the base, drill or sand out an indent for it to lie in before gluing (this will make it more sturdy).

Don’t forget next week is the second article of the month, time once again for “Tool Week.”

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